Navigating Psychological and Neurological Warfare with Dr. David A. Hughes

A Short Preview:

The silent coup engineering global central control depends heavily on asymmetrical warfare—including extensive investment in and application of psychological and neurological weaponry. In this book, David Hughes documents the development and application of a wide portfolio of soft and hard—and often invisible—weapons to brutally manipulate minds and emotions to engineer the adoption of technocracy. The first step not to fall victim is to see these 21st-century weapons of war clearly.
Hughes’ formidable scholarship helps you to do so.”
~Catherine Austin Fitts

For many years, the Solari Report has tried to raise awareness of the technologies being used to achieve central control, one person at a time. I continue to find, however, that because tools like entrainment, mind control, propaganda, and neurological weaponry are invisible, some people have trouble accepting that they are real as well as powerful.

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