Music of the Week: November 10, 2023: Is He Worthy?

Michael Sanchez and the Shadow Mountain Choir and Orchestra are performing one of the leading worship hymns to come out in recent years. Written by Andrew Peterson and Ben Shive, the song was first recorded and released in 2019 by well-known Christian worship leader and singer-songwriter Chris Tomlin, whose music ranks among the top in the praise and worship genre and who, in 2013, was pronounced the “most-sung” songwriter in the world. Tomlin’s original recording happened during a livestream church service in Nashville, Tennessee.

Tennessee is often termed the “belt buckle of the Bible Belt,” illustrating how a strong and conscious faith serves as the cornerstone for many of the exceptional liberties that the people of Tennessee enjoy. Catherine just left Tennessee after completing a full tour of conferences, speeches, and strategy meetings with lawmakers and individuals all working, with genuine inspiration, for freedom.

The lyrics of our Music of the Week relate to words in the Book of Revelation (chapter 5:4-5). It is a timely reminder that human politics and military maneuvers will never be able to stand in lieu of “the one who is worthy to open the scroll and its seals.”


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