Music of the Week: January 26, 2024: Lewis & Clark – Tommy Emmanuel

Lewis & Clark

Lewis & Clark

“When I was inspired to write this music, I knew it had to be simple and I knew it had to speak of the great unknown.” ~ Tommy Emmanuel

Tommy Emmanuel is one of the greatest acoustic guitar players of our time. He plays the guitar like a pianist, using all ten fingers. His “finger style” elicits nuances of melody and rhythm from a single instrument that makes it sound like a whole band is playing, drums and bass included.

As Catherine has just arrived back in the United States for a grand tour to promote financial transaction freedom our music pick of the week (recommended by a subscriber) is a guitar solo by Tommy Emmanuel that reminds us of the spirit of freedom, courage, and exploration that lies at the heart of America.

“Lewis & Clark” harks back to the great expedition guided by Captain Meriwether Lewis and Lieutenant William Clark and commissioned by President Thomas Jefferson to map the new territory in the west of the American continent after the great Louisiana purchase from the French of all lands west of the Mississippi River. It is one of America’s landmark historic expeditions, beautifully captured and narrated by the sounds of Tommy’s guitar playing.

Lewis County, one of Catherine’s favorite places in Tennessee, is named after Captain Merriweather Lewis.


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