Music of the Week: December 22, 2023: Stille Nacht

“Silent Night” was born in Austria. It was one of those cultural miracles of human history that created an indelible impression on the minds and souls of innumerable Christians in Europe and, ultimately, the world.

Pastor Joseph Mohr composed the lyrics, which he wrote as a reverent poem in six stanzas. The music was created within a few hours on Christmas Eve 1818 by village teacher and church organist Franz Xaver Gruber playing on the guitar, and both men performed the humble piece during church mass on that same Christmas evening. Its purity and devotion have since become the emblem of celebrating that special night of the birth of Jesus.

The village of Oberndorf near Salzburg continues the tradition of Christmas Eve with that beautiful song in its original version, and so do virtually all households and families of Austria. This is where Catherine will be on Christmas Eve in 2023 as the community and people who come from far and wide gather together to sing Silent Night.

May it be a starry night, filled with divine love and peace for all humankind.

Stille Nacht Gemeinde Oberndorf bei Salzburg [4K]

Stille Nacht Gemeinde Oberndorf bei Salzburg [4K]


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