Movie of the Week: May 6, 2024: American Fiction

AMERICAN FICTION | Official Trailer

AMERICAN FICTION | Official Trailer

The winner of the Best Adapted Screenplay award at the 2024 Oscars, American Fiction, is our Movie of the Week.

This light comedy follows the journey of a talented writer named Thelonius “Monk” Ellison, played brilliantly by Jeffrey Wright, who is tired of the entertainment industry profiting from offensive and overused tropes associated with “black” culture. In order to expose this hypocrisy, Monk adopts a pseudonym and creates an outrageous “black” book that thrusts him into the very heart of the madness and hypocrisy he despises.

Catherine comments, “We live in a society where an enormous number of overeducated people are paid to debase our culture. The best medicine for their mess-making is laughter. Reading our Food for the Soul column is recommended as an antidote.”

American Fiction can be watched on various platforms.


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