Movie of the Week: May 27, 2024: Solari Report Movie Collections

By Catherine Austin Fitts

This week for Movie of the Week, we thought we would remind you of the wealth of movie and documentary recommendations available at the Solari Report.

Every year in the Annual Wrap Up, we publish a list of all of the weekly movie and documentary selections since we launched our subscription service in 2008. Many subscribers find this list an excellent resource for accessing great selections.

Here is the most recent list in the 2023 Annual Wrap Up: Let’s Go to the Movies. A Complete List. (Subscriber content only)

In addition to the recommendations we make every week for our Movie of the Week (formerly called Let’s Go to the Movies), we often provide a collection of movies and documentaries for each theme in our quarterly and annual Wrap Ups. The goal of the quarterly theme is to help you understand the important primary trends. As you come to understand the long-lived trends that are underway, you grow more powerful in understanding and following current events. Movies and documentaries can help you master these trends, especially when you use them to supplement our interviews and analyses.

Here are our quarterly and annual collections, organized by topic.

Money and Financial Policy

These movies shed light on fiscal and monetary policy, Wall Street, insider trading, family wealth, as well as politics from the point of view of the (missing) money. Where does the missing money go? Who controls monetary policy?

The Real Game of Missing Money (2018 Annual Wrap Up) – Movies and Documentaries

The State of Our Currencies (2nd Quarter 2019 Wrap Up) – Movies and Documentaries

Taxation – With or Without Representation? (3rd Quarter 2021 Wrap Up) – The Real Deal Movie List

Gold and Silver: Defending Family Wealth and Sovereignty for 5,000 Years (2nd Quarter 2022 Wrap Up) – Movie List: Passing It On – Stories about Generational Wealth

Building Wealth (3rd Quarter 2022 Wrap Up) – It All Stays in the Family – A Movie List

Will the ESG Turn the Red Button Green? (1st Quarter 2019 Wrap Up) – Movies and Documentaries

Health, Food, Land, Lifestyle, and Culture

These movies and documentaries dramatize the battle for sovereignty over food, land, and personal wealth and health.

The Global Harvest and What It Means to Investors (2016 Annual Wrap Up) – Food Documentaries

Pharma Food – Biotech on Your Plate: The Next Chapter in Big Money’s Battle to End Food Sovereignty (2022 Annual Wrap Up) – Feast for the Eyes – Movies about Food

The Real Deal on Going Local (1st Quarter 2020 Wrap Up) – Movies and Documentaries

Visions of Freedom (3rd Quarter 2020 Wrap Up) – A Dash to Freedom – Movies

The Rise of the Asian Consumer (2nd Quarter 2018 Wrap Up) – The Rise of Asia – Movies and Documentaries

Megacities and the Growth of Global Real Estate Companies (3rd Quarter 2018 Wrap Up) – Documentaries, Movies, & TV Shows

Water (2023 Annual Wrap Up) – Movies & Documentaries: All about Water

The Injection Fraud: A Sane Person’s Guidebook to the Global Pandemic (2nd Quarter 2020 Wrap Up) – Pandemics on Screen


These films and documentaries focus on human-machine interactions, artificial intelligence, space technology, and the impact of technology on building wealth.

The “AI Revolution”: The Final Coup d’Etat? (3rd Quarter 2023 Wrap Up) – How to Outsmart a Machine – AI Movie List

The Future of Financial Freedom (1st Quarter 2023 Wrap Up) – Movies: Positive Technology

Who’s Who & What’s Up in the Space-Based Economy (1st Quarter 2018 Wrap Up) – Space in the Movies

Mr. Global and the Control Grid

These are great films to better understand the invisible hand of Mr. Global, money, and crime—and the building of the control grid. What are the tactics of control, and what is the final goal?

CBDCs: Why You Want to Hold On to Your Cash (2nd Quarter 2021 Wrap Up) – Movie List – Centralization of Power

Control 101: What it is. How it’s used. How you can guard against it. (3rd Quarter 2017 Wrap Up) – Let’s Go to the Movies

Deep State Tactics 101 (2019 Annual Wrap Up) – Deep State Tactics 101 – Movies and Documentaries

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