Money & Markets – Week of 06.04.17

Suddenly Vladimir Putin Meets Vitalik Buterin, Endorses Ethereum
Coin Telegraph | 04 June 2017
Ethereum Get’s It’s Ticket Punched…

Bernard Lietaer Joins Bancor Protocol Foundation as Chief Monetary Architect
Bancor Net | 10 June 2017
More Monetary Magic…

Banco Popular Fails and is Bought by Satdander
The Economist | 10 June 2017
Musical Banks…

Illinois In Deep Financial Trouble
Martin Armstrong | 10 June 2017
IL Epic Fail Revealed…

Pa. Legislature Approves Overhaul of Public Employee Pensions
Philly | 08 June 2017
Acknowledged that the bill does not…

In Ill…A Teacher’s Pension Plan Braces for a New Order
Institutional Investor | 07 June 2017
Outside managers to…

NYC Pension Funds to Back Out of Investments in Private Prisons
NY Daily News | 08June 2017
Good News…

Moody’s Says Loses Hong Kong Appeal over ‘Red flags’ Report
Reuters | 08 June 2017
Broke the rules when…

President Trump Infrastructure Speech in Cincinnati, Ohio

YouTube | 07 June 2017

SEC to Consider Imposing a Fiduciary Standard on Brokers
Lexology | 06 June 2017
SEC Wakes Up..

Global Productivity Slowdown Risks Creating Instability, Warns IMF
The Guardian | 03 April 2017
Unsustainable Globalization Hits the Wall…

Russian Bank Chairman Met With Kushner, Citigroup and JPMorgan Chase
Wall Street on Parade | 06 June 2017
Kushner Questions..

After Legalizing Weed, Unemployment In Colorado Has Collapsed To Record Lows
Zero Hedge | 05 June 2017
Stoner Economy Explodes…

Chart of the Day: Number of Jobless Adults Up 36% So Far This Century
David Stockman | 05 June 2017
The Joys of Globalism…

Why Trump Wants to Privatize Air-Traffic Control
The Atlantic | 06 June 2017
Privatization Questions..

Trump to Privatize Air Traffic Control
BBC | 05 June 2017
The Cut Backs Begin…

Alternate Inflation Charts
Shadow Stats | 12 May 2017
The Real Rate of Inflation…

Ethereum Hits Another Record High, Marking a More than 2,800% Rally this Year
CNBC | 05 June 2017
Crypto Fantasy Grows…

Business in the Age of Ethereum
Tech Crunch | 05 June 2017
The Tapeworm Loves Ethereum….