Money & Markets – Week of 05.07.17

A “Mysterious Antenna” Emerges In An Empty Chicago Field; Billions Depend On It
Zero Hedge | 12 May 2017
Just a few millisecond advantage…

“Canada Hasn’t Seen A Bank Run Such As This In Decades” – Finance Minister Says Home Capital Bailout Is Possible
Zero Hedge | 12 May 2017
Led to 94% of…

United Airlines Forced Woman To Pee In Cup In Front Of Other Passengers
Zero Hedge | 12 May 2017
Explained she has an overactive bladder…

Loonie, Bank Bonds Drop as Moody’s Downgrades Canada Lenders
Bloomberg | 11 May 2017
Expanding levels…

This Chart Shows How America Stacks Up in Trade with Everyone in the World
BI | 11 May 2017
United States is a net…

Another Poor Auction: 30Y Paper Received Badly With Big Tail, Sliding Bid-To-Cover And Indirects
Zero Hedge | 11 May 2017
Refunding stopped with a…

Duterte: China’s One Road Project Will Boost Regional ‘Connectivity’
The BRICS Post | 10 May 2017
Silk Road 2.0….

Mnuchin to Brief G7 on Trump Tax, Regulatory Plans: Official
Rueters | 10 May 2017
G7 Awaits Trump Plan…

Hong Kong Stocks Rise to 21-Month High as Shanghai Halts Decline
Bloomberg | 09 May 2017
Far East Stock Trends…

S35 Ep12: Poverty, Politics and Profit
PBS | 09 May 2017
The Sewer Exposed..

Court Finds New Pension Cuts to be Unconstitutional, Sources Say
Ekathimerini | 09 May 2017
Greek Pension Litigation…

Emerging Market Debt Expanding Twice the Rate of 2016
Maritn Armstrong | 09 May 2017

Tsunami of Debt Forecast…

Apple Market Cap Tops $800 Billion for the First Time
CNBC | 08 May 2017
Apple Goes Past a $Billion…

A Branch of the UN Just Launched Its First Large-Scale Ethereum Test
Coin Desk | 01 May 2017
Iris Scans Required ….

Jack Bogle Warns Of Market “Chaos, Catastrophe” If Passive Investing Wins
Zero Hedge | 07 May 2017
Indexing, the Critical Percentage…

Latest Catherine Micro Loan
Guilene’s story a Micro Loan
Kiva | 08 May 2017
Local Direct Investment

Latest Catherine Micro Loan
Roselyne’s story a Micro Loan
Kiva | 08 May 2017
Local Direct Investment

“The Crisis Has Become Pandemic” – System To Collect Defaulted Student Loans Is No Longer Functioning
Zero Hedge | 08 May 2017
System Buckles Under It’s Own Weight…

The Man Who Invented the World’s Most Important Number
Bloomberg | 26 November 2016
Another Under Reported Mega Scandal…

IKEA unveils plan to lift 200,000 people out of poverty
Inhabitant | 19 April 2017
Direct Investment…