Money & Markets – Week of 04.23.17

Economic Reality: Bottom 50% of Americans No Longer Matter
Mish | 30 April 2017
Hard Core Numbers…

Homeownership Among US Millennials At All Time Low
Zero Hedge |30 April 2017
More Signs of the Harvest….

Puerto Rico Bondholders Reject Island’s Restructuring Offer
Bloomberg | 29 April 2017
The Politics of Default…

Bank of England Gold Vaults Bled 1500 Tonnes of Gold over 2013-2016 New Data Shows
Zero Hedge | 28 April 2017
Where Does it Go????

Kids’ College Loans Are Threatening Parents’ Retirement: Financial Advisors’ Daily Digest
Seeking Alpha| 28 April 2017
How Your Wealth is Harvested…

Presenting One Of The Best Trades Since 2008: Long ‘Inactivity’
Zero Hedge | 28 April 2017
Pizza and Netflix Take Off…

Russian Economy Has Grown Immune to Western Sanctions – UN Special Rapporteur
Sputnik News| April 2017
Russians Break-Away…

The Busiest Commuter Railway in the US is Falling Apart
Business Insider | 27 April 2017
Infrastructure Bellwether…

The Next Trade War: Trump Threatens To Terminate “Horrible” Trade Deal With South Korea
Zero Hedge | 27 April 2017
Globalization Blow Back..

Republicans Won’t Vote on ObamaCare Replacement Bill this Week
The Hill | 27 April 2017
More Feet Dragging…

Mnuchin Can’t Guarantee Middle Class Tax Cut
Prorev News| 27 April 2017
Tax Cuts are Now in Question….

Tax Lessons for the Donald
Daily Reckoning | 26 April 2017
Tax Reform: Solutions or More of the Same???

Trump Signs Executive Order Targeting National Monuments, Could Open Up Lands for Oil and Gas Development
Eco Watch | 26 April 2017
National Treasures Up for Grabs…

Trump’s Tax Cut Proposal Shines Light on MLPs
Reuters | 26 April 2017
Bringing the Money Back…

It Looks Like the US Economy Just Ground to a Halt
Business Insider | 26 April 2017
It Appears the Wheels Have Come Off…

Ronald Bernard High Finance Shocking Revelations (Dutch with Subtitles)

Ronald Bernard High Finance Shocking Revelations (Dutch with Subtitles)

Ronald Bernard High Finance Shocking Revelations (Dutch with Subtitles)

YouTube | April 2017
Dutch Straw Man Confessions…

Dutch Banker Ronald Bernard Blows the Whistle on World’s Satanic Elite
29 | April 2017
More on Straw Man Confessions…

JPMorgan Beats Madoff Customers’ Appeal

Reuters | 26 April 2017
More Selective Enforcement…

Greenberg opens up on AIG, Buffett/Spitzer
Seeking Alpha | 31 March 2017
AIG Takeover Post Mortem…

SEC shutting off market transparency
Sound Cloud | 15 April 2017
SEC to Impose Monster Fees….

One Plunging Stock Shows Exactly Wat’s at Risk with the Trump Trade
Business Insider | 26 April 2017
US Mfg is On the Table….

Ethereum Surges To All Time High As SEC Considers Ether-based ETF
Zero Hedge | 26 April 2017
Crypto Currencies Next Step…

Paramount’s New Chief Jim Gianopulos Revives $1 Billion China Slate Deal (EXCLUSIVE)
Variety | 26 April 2017
China Eyes Hollywood…

White House Readies Order to Quit NAFTA – Administration Official
Yahoo |26 April 2017
Hasta NAFTA…

Canada’s Housing Bubble Explodes As Its Biggest Mortgage Lender Crashes Most In History
Zero Hedge | 26 April 2017
Canada Housing Bubble Pops….

Freedom Caucus Endorses Revised ObamaCare Repeal-and-Replace Bill

The Hill | 26 April 2017
Something Else to Hang His Hat On…

The Main Highlights In Trump’s Sweeping Tax Reform Proposal
Zero Hedge | 26 April 2017
Something to Hang His Hat On…

China’s AIIB Approves 13 New Member Countries
China Briefing | 03 April 2017
China’s Global Infrastructure Push….

Does Schäuble want Draghi to Exit the Stage Once & For All?
Armstrong | 26 April 2017
EU PTB Civil War….

Comments on Consolidated Tape Association Plan/Consolidated Quotation Plan (CTA/CQ) Rulemaking
SEC | 25 April 2017
More Loss of Transparency…

Dodd-Frank Replacement Bill Set for May 2 Markup
Bloomberg | 25 April 2017
Bellwether Legislation…

The Housing Bubble Is Back
Dollar Collapse| 25 April 2017
Same Old Song and Dance…

Total Financial Solutions Safer Money Hour Podcast
Santa Clarita Wealth Summit w/ Chet Thompson – Total Financial Solutions Safer Money Hour

The Financial Solutions | 25 April 2017
CAF Public Appearance..

Rising Inflation Dampens Americans’ Personal Financial Satisfaction
Journal of Accountancy| 25 April 2017
Expert input…

Chevron to Sell Bangladesh Gas Fields to Chinese Consortium

Reuters | 24 April 2017
Chinese Acquisition of Oil and Gas….

Jack Ma Sees Decades of Pain as Internet Upends Old Economy
Bloomberg | 23 April 2017
Economy 3.0….

Local: These Neighbors Got Tired of Waiting for Traditional Developers
Next City | 30 August 2016
NorthEast Investment Cooperative (NEIC)…

Distortions and Deceptions in Strategic Decisions
McKinsey | February 2006
Complexities Abound in Big Business…