Money & Markets – Week of 04.16.17

Digitisation Shakes Up Corporate-bond Markets
Economist | 22 April 2017
Greater automation promises…

A Lack of Competition Explains the Flaws in American Aviation
Economist | 22 April 2017
Extra charges and the threat of…

Don’t Let This Happen To You
Dollar Collapse | 22 April 2017
MIA Treasure…

Visualizing the Buying Power of the U.S. Dollar Over the Last Century
Visual Capitalist | 09 April 2017
Ron Paul’s Admonitions in Graphic Format….

BAML: The ‘$1 Trillion Flow that Conquers All’ Explains Everything Happening in Markets
BI | 21 April 2017
Flow that conquers…

Best Peer to Peer Lending Sites for Investors
Investmentzen | 21 April 2017
Alternative Finance Goes Main Stream…

Americans Still Favor Real Estate for Long-Term Investment
Gallop | 21 April 2017
34% and 26%…

Gasoline Prices Around the World: The Real Cost of Filling Up
Bloomberg | 19 April 2017
Real Cost to Fill Up….

The Evidence is Piling Up— Silicon Valley is Being Destroyed
Business Insider| 19 April 2017
The Joys of Monopoly in Every Address Space….

Animation: The Collapse of the Middle Class in 20 Major U.S. Cities
Visual Capitalist | 18 April 2017
Graphic Evidence of FRN Debasement….

Calpers Looks to Shake Up Private Equity
Barrons |17 April 2017
The Crunch is Coming…

The Surprising Identity Of The Average Couponer
Investmentzen | 17 February 2017
Interesting Demographics…

Treasury’s Mnuchin: We’re ‘Pretty Close’ to Bringing Forward ‘Major Tax Reform’
CNBC | 20 April 2017
We’re going to surprise you…

David Stockman On The Anything President And The Everything Bubble
Zero Hedge | 20 April 2017
Domestic front has turned from…

Consumer Reaction to United Airlines Passenger Removal Incident
Bespoke Premium | 20 April 2017
UAL Public Opinion Stats…

David Stockman: Obama Care, Tax reform, Debt, Market, Government Shutdown
YouTube | 19 February 2017
Can’t…taking the country to the brink…

Differences cloud IMF, World Bank Meetings
DW | 20 April 2017
Dangers from fiscal proposals that Trump…

We Need a New Global Economic Goal: Resilience
WSJ | 19 April 2017
Financial Sustainability, What a Concept!!..

U.S. House Panel to Begin Hearings on Tax Reform Next Week
Reuters | 18 April 2017
Tariffs are Coming…

Mnuchin: Tax Reform Before August ‘Highly Aggressive to not Realistic’
Constitutional Rights | 17 April 2017
Real Tax Reform; Systemic Complexities…

Steve Ballmer Serves up a Fascinating Data Trove
CNBC | 18 April 2017
Real Numbers to See the Light of Day…

Numerical Hat Tricks & Interventions: ‘Official’ Government Statistics vs. U.S. Economic Reality
News Bud | 17 April 2017
Real vs Imagined Economic Indicators….

Happy Tax Day! Here’s How Corporations Plan to Mess You Over
The Intercept| 17 April 2017
FedGov.Inc has Plans for You…

Unicorns Watch In Horror As Uber Careens Towards A Possible Extinction Event: A Down Round
Mark St. Cyr | 16 April 2017
Uber Self Destructs..

John Arnold: The Most Hated Man in Pensionland
Governing | April 2017
Roughly one-quarter of their assets…

$43 Million In Cash Found In Empty Nigerian Apartment
Zero Hedge | 16 April 2017
Behind wooden panels of…