Money & Markets – Week of 03.26.17

List of highest funded crowdfunding projects
Wiki | April 2017
Top Crowd Funding winners…

Honey on Tap Directly from your Beehive
Indegogo | April 2017
Crowd Funding winners…

Pepsi, McDonalds, Nestle, Other Major Brands Implicated in Illegal Destruction of Critical Elephant Habitat
Salon | 01 April 2017
Big Corps Strip Mine habitat…

Is Government Shutdown Likely Under One-party Rule? Possibly Under Trump
Federal Times | 31 March 2017

Total Return Comparison Charts
Zero Hedge | March 2017
Interesting Comparisons…

The Demise of the Anatolian Tiger
Der Spiegel | 31 March 2017
Turkey’s Currency woes…

Fannie, Freddie may write down $21 billion due to U.S. tax cut: BMO
Reuters | 31 March 2017
Cover those losses…

Investigating Ivy League, Inc. $41 Billion in U.S. Taxpayer Subsidies, Tax Breaks and
Federal Contracts and Grants

Open The Books | 30 March 2017
“The taxpayer gravy train needs to end…” (2010 – 2015)

The Overlapping Crises Are Coming, Regardless of Who’s in Power
Of Two Minds | 28 March 2017
Beneath the surface everything is…

At BlackRock, Machines Are Rising Over Managers to Pick Stocks
NY Times | 28 March 2017

Hedge Fund Boss Who Lost Billions in Bernie Madoff Ponzi Scheme Plunges to His Death off Luxury Midtown Hotel
NY Daily News | 28 March 2017
Another Finance Mgr. death…

What Record-high Margin Debt Means for Stocks
CNBC | 28 March 2017
Tends to spur…

Morgan Stanley Finds A “Stunning Divergence” In The Economic Data
Zero Hedge | 28 March 2017
Soft vs. Hard Data…

Scoop: Trump Wants to do Tax Reform and Infrastructure at the Same Time
Axios | 27 March 2017
Tandem Goals…

Stock Selloff: Key Levels to Watch
WSJ | 27 March 2017
Sell Off info…

A Startup’s Plan To Cut Air Freight Costs In Half With 777-Size Drones
FastCompany | 27 March 2017
Aviation Automation…

Fading Trump Rally Threatened by Rare Contraction of US Credit
Telegraph | 26 March 2017
Money supply growth…

No Plans to Introduce new Denomination Notes: RBI
New India Express | 26 March 2017
Institution wants…

Is Australia on the Brink of Becoming a Completely Cashless Society?
ABC | 26 March 2017
Free as early as…

Doubt Rises As Market Liquidity Collapses
Zero Hedge | 26 March 2017
Liquidity chart…

The High-Speed Trading Behind Your Amazon Purchase
Morningstar | 26 March 2017
Attempt to bait competitors into…

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