Money & Markets – June 23, 2017

Money & Markets

” Our politics have become so thoroughly demonic, that the sort of exorcism America needs now can only come from outside politics. It’s coming, too. It’s on its way. It will turn our economic situation upside down and inside out. It’s a Technicolor swan, and you can see it coming from a thousand miles out.” ~James Howard Kunstler

By Catherine Austin Fitts

I am in Dahka, the capital of Bangladesh, after a wonderful week in Hong Kong.

I am visiting with Congresswoman McKinney and meeting and touring with her entrepreneurship students. Everywhere I go, I watch the world watch the US destroy its brand. It is has too many parts of America has been hijacked by a demonic Neocon force – McKinney refers to them as the Ziocons. I call them the Scorpions. They seem to believe that WW III will destroy the US and Russia and then they can rule the planet. Or maybe they just want to blow everything up.

Unfortunately, they are that nuts. Investors need to appreciate that building the weapons to start WW III may run the market up, but if WW III actually happens there will be no market.

Chuck Schumer, John McCain, Lindsay Graham, Nancy Pelosi – these people stopped caring long ago about the conditions that create civilization. They are puppets on Ziocon strings.

The global psychic storm is appalled as the demonic forces show their face through the US national security state.  I hate to agree with Kunstler but a swan event is indeed building.

Here are the Friday charts: Set One, Set Two, Set Three, Set Four

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