Metanoia Series: Optimum Health as Resistance and Revolution with Keidi Obi Awadu

Approach life with a sense of enthusiasm, but always keep your skepticism in place when it comes to (mass) communications.
~ Keidi Obi Awadu

By Junious Ricardo Stanton

We know we are being targeted by diabolical plutocrats who want to alter the natural order, including humans. We have seen their internal documents calling for massive reductions in the human population and the various means they plan to use to achieve their goals, including Frankenfoods, geoengineering of the environment, ecocide, vaccines, poisoning the air and water, as well as plans for human “augmentation,” DNA-engineered “designer babies,” melding us with machines, and crossbreeding us with animals.

What can we do? We can resist. The best way to resist is to take control of our personal health, guard and strengthen our minds, and cultivate a healthy, vibrant, energetic, and proactive lifestyle. Our returning guest, Keidi Obi Awadu, is a health consultant, master chef, prodigious researcher, and prolific media content producer. Keidi will share strategies and ways to thwart the globalists’ attempts to destroy our health by cultivating right attitudes about health, nutritious food, and mental acuity.

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