Managing the Shriek-o-Meter

By Catherine Austin Fitts

If you are not a long-time reader or subscriber of the Solari Report, then you might not be familiar with my nickname for the corporate media, or, as Brian Gerrish of UK Column has dubbed them, “the old media.” I call them the “shriek-o-meter,” in part as a tribute to the lengths they often go to, to gain attention and to put their audience into states of incoherence, panic, and fear.

This is the picture I sometimes use when describing a particularly loud news item that the shriek-o-meter has published. When you see it, there is a hidden message—”Don’t take these people seriously, and for heavens sake, maintain your state of amusement.” I found the picture on the Internet but have never found the person to credit. If you know them, let me know so I can give them the credit they deserve.

The next time the shriek-o-meter starts shrieking at you, just turn them off. But if you can’t, if you are stuck in an airport with the noise blaring, just see this picture in your mind and chuckle.

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