Life – Week of 08.13.17


Local: Buying a $500 House in Detroit: Bidding on the Soul of My City
Guardian | 01 July 2017
I could have, I would have been well within …

Americans are Rapidly Descending Into Madness
Liberty Blitzkreig | 16 August 2017
Separating themselves into weird, unthinking…

Children of the 1% are 77 Times more Likely to Attend an Ivy League School than Poor Americans
Business Insider | 16 August 2017

This Picture Of Mike Pence ‘Triggered’ An Entire Campus Of California Private College Kids
Zero Hedge | 15 August 2017
Adult conversations…

Local: Math is Amazing and We have to Start Treating it that Way

YouTube | 18 August 2017
Inspiration for creatively supporting math education…