Life – Week of 03.26.17

Mark Devlin guests on Sofia Smallstorm’s About The Sky podcast, March 2017
Sound Cloud | March 2017
Music and the Big Picture…..

Ayn Rand Reconsidered
Jon Rappoport | 31 March 2017
Why, therefore, allow others to

Polar Bear Photographed ‘Praying’ Next to Cross
Toronto Sun | 30 March 2017

NoHo School Budget Cuts Due to High White Student Percentage Sparks Outrage
ABC 7 | 26 March 2017
Spending formula…

Nathan Stolpman is Creating Lift the Veil YouTube Channel: Citizen Journalism
Patreon | March 2017
Inspire those it…

Living In Meaningful Coincidence: Reflections Of A Physicist with F. David Peat, Ph.D.
New Dimension Radio | March 2017
Fusion of Science and Philosophy