Libraries: Gateway of Knowledge Libraries and Career Preparation

Göttweig Abbey Library, Austria. Source: Wikimedia Commons

“Choose a job you love, and you will never have to work a day in your life”. -Confucius

By Gabrielle Passick

Libraries have always been a gateway of knowledge. Not only can you find Music in the Library, libraries can assist in career preparation. You may have freshly entered the workforce, placing the final edits on your law school applications, or maybe you need to complete the Series 7. Career preparation in the library may include resume building workshops, free training courses, as well as other helpful resources to ensure your success. Career development services are quite costly. The beauty of libraries is that all resources are available to you at no cost.

The New York Public Library (NYPL) has an impressive web page dedicated to Jobs and Careers: Services and Resources. If you have the opportunity of browsing, this is certainly a wonderful tool to explore. NYPL has one-on-one support, career coaching, as well as various other resources for patrons.

Have you seen the 5-Must-Read Books for Your Career In 2021? This article on Forbes lists many resources from launching a new business to public speaking preparation. Chances are, your local library has these books readily available for you to borrow.

Most companies will prefer applicants who have basic conversational skills in a foreign language. Make sure to check out Languages in the Library for more helpful and free resources on this topic.

Resume building is an important step towards your current and future success. Florida State University Libraries has a comprehensive list on Library and Technology Jobs: Résumés. Purdue Owl Writing Lab from Purdue University has a page dedicated to resumes and free workshops.

Are you preparing for the Graduate Record Examination (GRE)? See this blog on 10 Prep Books to Prepare for the GRE. Your library most likely has these titles for circulation. As I was preparing for the American College Testing (ACT) and the Scholastic Aptitude Test (SAT) many years ago, I remember carrying several canvas bags filled with test prep material from my local library.

It is important to take into consideration the job resources available for those with disabilities. provides thorough resources for anyone who is seeking employment, educational planning, as well as workplace accommodations. The U.S. Department of Labor has additional information on this topic. Learn more about the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) here.

Lastly, do not forget to see Business Insider’s list of 65 Free Online Courses. Career preparation will help enhance your skills and prepare you for a career of your dreams. Before registering for that $600 resume writing service, why not ask a librarian for assistance? As always, never feel afraid to ask a librarian for help. Librarians are here to serve you with any information you may need. They are what make libraries a gateway of knowledge.


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