Let’s Go to the Movies: Week of Oct. 4, 2021: Headwind”21

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Let’s Go to the Movies: Week of Oct. 4, 2021: Headwind”21

Launched on September 23, 2021, this is a documentary well worth watching!

A London banker, Alexander Pohl, works for years at one of the world’s largest banks, financing big wind and solar farms, until he realizes that the so-called “green” industry is not that green. Pohl decides to move back to nature. After a search, he settles in northern Sweden. Subsequently, a large wind farm is installed in his area. He starts to unpack the players and economics, trying to understand the upside-down economics.

What happens is captured in this documentary as Alexander and Dutch documentary producer Marijn Poels travel together asking questions to understand why people are making decisions that support a fake green industry. Pohl’s efforts to bring transparency raise a few hackles in a country ordinarily known for tolerance. The result is frightening for Pohl.

In order to reach a wider audience, this film is freely available to watch online.

Marijn Poels’ website

The documentary’s website

Marijn Poels’ YouTube Channel