Let’s Go to the Movies: Week of November 20, 2023: The Primordial Code

“Imagine we have healing water, free energy and a balanced mind, then yeah, who then has to buy all those drugs, huh?” ~ Marijn Poels

This week’s selection is The Primordial Code, a fascinating “fan-funded” documentary from Dutch independent filmmaker Marijn Poels.

This groundbreaking film takes us on a journey through the relatively unexplored realm of the earth’s incredible capacity to produce energy, not only delving into the healing and growth potential of this energy but also its ability to generate power.

Poels takes us to various locations, including Sardinia with its tales of fairies and mysterious giant skeletons, and France’s Brittany region, where an expert in sacred geometry shares his thoughts on the positive effects of energy on general health.

In addition, author and explorer Michael Tellinger discusses his theories on interconnected stone circle ruins in Southern Africa and their connection to sound frequencies, magnetic fields, and electromagnetic fields. Poels also explores atmospheric energy harvesting, speaking with Cultivate Elevate founder Matt Roeske (who appeared on Solari’s Solution Series in June 2023). Roeske tells Poels:

“When you’re placing these antennas into your gardens, such as a piece of wood and a piece of copper, you’re creating coils around that piece of wood, and those coils are harvesting or harnessing the energy that’s all around us, Mother Earth’s energy. Mother Earth sends out vibrations every single second, and what we are doing is picking up on those vibrations so that we can elevate our gardens, our plant life, our pollinators, our bees, our birds, and the energy that’s all around us. One of the biggest things that I have noticed since people started doing electroculture is they start to have all different types of pollinators come around, all different types of birds, all different types of bees.”

This documentary is a must-watch for those interested in rediscovering lost history and exploring the earth’s immense natural potential.

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