Let’s Go to the Movies: Week of November 14, 2022: The Big Reset

THE BIG RESET MOVIE (ENG) The uncensored documentary about the truth of the pandemic

THE BIG RESET MOVIE (ENG) The uncensored documentary about the truth of the pandemic

“We are people like you, tired of what the TV tells us every day, only that we have decided to stop being mere spectators. We have come to help regain control of our lives and all the rights that have been violated. And the only way to achieve this is to help citizens understand what is really happening. Go for it.”

Our Movie of the Week is a great and comprehensive documentary from Spain that covers all aspects of the social, medical, economic, scientific, mental, and biological transformation that has swept over the planet since the declaration of a p(l)andemic in early 2020.

Under the cover of a medical emergency, a “Going Direct Reset” (also being marketed as the “Great Reset” or “Fourth Industrial Revolution”) has been introduced to usher in the Age of Transhumanism.

This is a monumental film featuring some of the important faces—such as Mike Yeadon, Alexandra Henrion-Caude, and Christian Perronne—and voices of the resistance. It gives a grand overview of past, present, and future events enfolded in the magic virus story—including some of the controversial and debated findings.

The film was released in various cities in Spain in May of this year, drawing large crowds and triggering welcome discussions. It garnered 300,000 views on its website within the first 24 hours alone.


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