Let’s Go to the Movies: Week of May 29, 2023: Guardian of Tradition – The Chartres Pilgrimage

GUARDIAN of TRADITION: The World Premiere

GUARDIAN of TRADITION: The World Premiere

A very inspiring film for Christians of all denominations, Catholic and non-Catholic alike.

Each year at Pentecost, tens of thousands of believers make a pilgrimage, walking from the Cathedral of Notre Dame de Paris to “Our Lady of Chartres,” the famous and in many respects unsurpassed cathedral of High Gothic medieval architecture. More than just a church, the Chartres Cathedral is “alive” in so many ways—through its music and resonance, its colored windows and light, its ley lines and geometry, and its healing and welcoming presence that is truly reminiscent of a “divine mother.”

This week is Pentecost, the festival of the receiving of the Holy Spirit, and thousands of Christians and spiritually minded people (including many youths) will walk this pilgrimage, which takes three days and sixty miles on foot in fellowship and prayer.


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