Let’s Go to the Movies: Week of January 16, 2023: Green Gold

Green Gold  - Documentary by John D. Liu

Green Gold – Documentary by John D. Liu

Green Gold offers proof that it is possible to restore even the most damaged ecosystems to health, balance, and abundance—and that the Earth and biosphere, when allowed to self-organize and assisted with intelligence, will demonstrate an almost invincible creativity and capacity for restoration and regenesis. Through observation, patience, and a great amount of love for nature, cameraman and ecologist John D. Liu discovered a mechanism that can resurrect large-scale ecosystems from thousands of years of depletion and desertification.

In 1995, hired to film the Chinese Loess plateau southeast of the Gobi Desert, Liu witnessed how a local population turned a vast area of barren and eroded wasteland into a living oasis of fresh farmland.

Liu, born in Nashville, Tennessee, is the founder of a worldwide movement to regreen deserts and restore damaged ecosystems. He employs his video skills and ecological knowledge to educate policymakers and communities at both the national and local levels. Anthropogenic greenhouse gases are probably the least of harmful human effects on “the climate”; much more impactful factors are the destruction of biodiversity, the loss of vegetation by relentless agriculture, and the, sometimes, inappropriate animal grazing that can contribute to desertification.

The film shows the simple steps of permaculture and ecosystem protections needed to achieve the almost miraculous restoration of damaged land.

Very inspiring.


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