Let’s Go to the Movies: Week of December 4, 2023: The Fall of Minneapolis

Based on the book They’re Lying: The Media, The Left, and The Death of George Floyd written by award-winning investigative journalist-turned-producer Liz Collin, the crowd-funded The Fall of Minneapolis is a thought-provoking documentary about the death of African American Minneapolis citizen George Floyd during an encounter with law enforcement.

The deeper perspective of this documentary goes beyond the surface-level narratives presented by mainstream media to explore the complexities of the event, raising doubts about whether a fair and accurate assessment of the incident was ever achieved. One of the most impactful aspects of the documentary is its portrayal of how personal and political interests left the entire Minneapolis police department exposed and vulnerable. The film also vividly illustrates the destructive aftermath of these events, showcasing the city’s devastation and the demoralized faces of the numerous police officers who subsequently resigned. Additionally, the documentary highlights the alarming rise in crime rates, painting a grim picture of the consequences faced by the community.

As the documentary unfolds, it raises unsettling questions about whether the destruction witnessed in Minneapolis was a deliberate act orchestrated by those in power, rather than a result of mere negligence. It suggests that there may be a larger narrative at play, extending beyond the tragic death of George Floyd. These revelations make the film a compelling call for further investigation into the events that unfolded and the underlying motivations behind them.

Solari covered the use of riots in 2020 as a tool of disaster capitalism. This documentary demonstrates how the police were encouraged to “stand down” and, therefore, allowed a city to be destroyed. Catherine has commented, “Imagine the wealth to be created by the few picking up real estate cheap. Alarmingly, it isn’t just Minneapolis; it is happening in many cities, including Memphis, Chicago, and San Francisco.” Referring to the recent visit to San Francisco by Xi Jinping, Catherine continues, “They were able to solve the homeless problem immediately; all the homeless were gone, and the question is, where are they? The minute they want this to stop, they can get it to stop; this is a plan.”

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