Let’s Go to the Movies: Week of August 1, 2022: Uninformed Consent

Let’s Go to the Movies: Week of August 1, 2022: Uninformed Consent

Dr. Stephen Malthouse and Dr. Charles Hoffe are both part of the Doctors for Covid Ethics (D4CE) group that meets every week. The group has produced invaluable work and public information through symposia, interviews, and scientific papers that detail the serious dangers and scientific fallacies of the new mRNA and other Covid injections.

Here, Drs. Malthouse and Hoffe have joined with Canadian filmmaker Todd Michael Harris, activist group Vaccine Choice Canada, and the Canadian new media platform librti.com for a compelling two-part documentary that gives deep insight into how governments, health institutions, and mainstream media have deceived the public, and how the vaccination mandates for certain professional groups have devastated families and destroyed businesses and lives.

Why is the untested, new mRNA technology getting injected into almost every person on the planet? As was the case with the DDT scandal in the 1950s, media and governments are colluding to lie to the public about the true (side-)effects of the agents.

The documentary shows some brilliant compilations of media lies and official contradictions as well as shocking footage of collapses of athletes, news anchors, and actors on air that make clear that the Covid “vaccines” are a crime against humanity.

Uninformed Consent is a timely and highly professional production that can change the way the public views these vaccines.

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Interview about the film with filmmaker Todd Harris on RebelNews

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