Join Us at On Guard for the Liberty of Mankind, on Site September 29-October 1st, Livestream September 30!

“I’ve gotta be…
In the room!
Where it happens!”

    ~ From Hamilton, the musical

By Catherine Austin Fitts

Members of the Solari team will be joining an all star cast of speakers from around the world for two and half days in a special retreat in the Stockholm area of Sweden, September 28-October 1, 2023.

Places at the workshop on site are now open to the public. This is designed for small, intimate discussions, so this is a special opportunity for networking and face time with a remarkable group of people. If you can’t join us on site, join us from anywhere in the world for the livestream on Saturday. Its free!

Workshop and Registration flyer

Saturday Livestream flyer

Doctors Appeal is a wonderful group of doctors who have teamed up with Childrens Health Defense Europe to organize this ground breaking gathering and discussion.

I will be leading the Economics and Finance theme with Professor Richard Werner, Arno Wellens and original video presentations from our very own John Titus and Ed Dowd.

In addition to Economic and Finance, we have themes on Media and Intel (led by UK Column’s outstanding Mike Robinson), Health (led by Brownstone Institute’s brilliant David Bell) and Governance (led by one of Europe’s top freedom fighting attorneys Renate Holzeisen.) Our keynote speaker on Saturday night is Martin Armstrong, introduced by film maker Jame Patrick who made Planet Lockdown which was named Solari Documentary of the Year in 202§.

There is a lot of excitement brewing because so many freedom lovers are looking forward to being together. We have stories to share, plans to make. One doctor said recently that “the currency of the future will be relationships of trust.” That happens when we come together, work and play together and forge the personal connections that create our future.

Here are recent comments from speakers:

Sasha Latypova

FAQs from Sasha Latypova

Meryl Nash

Come join us in person and on the live stream in “the room where it happens!”

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