If You are Doing Due Diligence on Frank Keating

“F**k ’em, Jack. By the time they win in court, we’ll be gone.” ~Frank Keating

By Catherine Austin Fitts

The White House has confirmed that Frank Keating, former Governor of Oklahoma and former General Counsel of HUD, is being interviewed as one of the candidates under consideration to serve as FBI director.   That may explain some of the recent unusual attorney sign ups for the Solari Report.

If you are doing due diligence on Frank Keating when he was general counsel of HUD, you can find the small amount of pertinent information here on the public site:

  • Kemp Tapes – recordings of my recollections working in the Bush Administration, including with Frank Keating. These recordings where made at the request of attorneys in 1998.  They became a viral hit among my employees and their network, reaching numerous investigators of HUD fraud. Tired of making cassettes, we posted on line.
  • Hamilton Securities Litigation – this includes links to descriptions of HUD and related fraud.
  • It’s Hard Out Here for a Pimp: Kemp, Cuomo, & Pedophilia in Bush I – Keating was the HUD General Counsel who talked Kemp out of making an illegal grant award to Andrew Cuomo during the Franklin Cover Up scandal.

You will need to subscribe to hear Jon Rappoport and I discuss Hamilton Securities.  This should have references to Frank Keating’s role as governor during the bombing of the Alfred P. Murrah Federal Building in downtown Oklahoma City, Oklahoma. Significant HUD mortgage files were destroyed that day.

Then, there are references in various Solari Report materials to my favorite Frank Keating quote.

When Secretary Kemp was discussing how to shut down the coinsurance program in 1he 1989-90 period, one proposal required violating or abrogating FHA contracts with existing coinsured lenders. Numerous HUD senior staff felt it would create a “great headline.”  The proposal was expected to quickly wipe out the coinsured lenders businesses.  Arguing to proceed nonetheless, Frank as the HUD General Counsel said something I will never forget. It expressed a remarkable “commitment” on the part of a government official to embrace and enforce the rule of law: “F**k ’em, Jack. By the time they win in court, we’ll be gone.”


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