Hero of the Week: October 24, 2022: Ye (Kanye West)

“I perform for an audience of one, and that’s God.” ~ Kanye West

Ye is our hero this week for voicing controversial topics that would hardly hit the mainstream media were it not for his celebrity personality. Rapper, hip hop artist, singer, and fashion designer “Ye” Kanye West understands more about the real world than he is given credit for under an alleged bipolar diagnosis (widely used as an excuse to dismiss much of what he says), and his eyes are open to the spiritual battle that is going on around us. Ye knows what is going on and uses his influence to let others see it as well.

Headlines criticizing Kanye West look like diversionary tactics to hide important statements that he recently made on various media platforms and especially during his October Tucker Carlson interview. That interview is excellent and portrays a man who is clear-minded and knows what he is doing.

“You know, luckily for everyone they can just write it off that, you know, ‘I’m crazy’ until they see my disposition in this interview and then it’s gonna get scary….”

Various remarks and a T-shirt displaying “White Lives Matter” earned him blocks on Twitter and Instagram recently, as well as media criticism for obvious politically incorrect expressions. But Ye says he is beyond “trauma-drunk” or “trauma-bonding” and wokeness, and beyond complaining and victimhood; he is guided by inspiration and great freedom of the mind to provoke action and insight.

“What is the point of having a voice, when you cannot even use it and connect it to your own opinions?”

Kanye also has spoken about “influencers” that infiltrate and shepherd influential families, including his own, toward desired viewpoints and in particular toward getting desired fear-based messages out to the public, such as “getting the vax.” Indeed, his former wife, Kim Kardashian, was directly influenced by the Clintons to massage Ye’s mind with approved messages during the 2016 elections. Similarly, he knows there are “bots” on social media steering the conversation toward misleading perceptions about health and morals.

“A lot of times the most fake people … their job is talking and making people feel comfortable … And the ‘realest’ people are going to make you feel uncomfortable at first.”

Most importantly, Ye understands the reality of “kill-switch money” of predatory banks and financial businesses. Recently, JPMorgan Chase gratuitously canceled the business account of the multi-billionaire demanding he move his funds by November 21. Officially, the reason the bank gave for this unprecedented move was that it was in response to Ye’s “antisemitic” statements. However, it turns out that JPMorgan had ended its banking relationship with Yeezy, LLC (West’s fashion company) a month before he even made the statements on social media.

Kanye West has many brilliant ideas about a better future, such as focusing on “localized farms” that would become more independent of Big Pharma and their pesticides and yet provide the pharmaceutical companies even bigger profits. He is also thinking about the use of “invention rooms” to brainstorm solutions for humanity and the future of children.

And in fascinating footage from the Carlson interview that was not included in the final on-air version, Kanye speaks about his very unique vision—that he says was given to him by divine inspiration—of creating autonomous communities that would thrive on “kinetic free energy,” or a new breakthrough energy system.

The positive energy directed toward a pro-human future vision is what makes Ye such a force.

Yup! Kanye West is our Hero of the Week.

“People with power try to make other people feel like they don’t have any. My power is through God.” ~ Kanye West


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