Hero of the Week: November 7, 2022: Former Manitoba Premier Brian Pallister

Brian Pallister avoids question!! Makes bizarre comment Winnipeg, MB

Brian Pallister avoids question!! Makes bizarre comment Winnipeg, MB

When watching this clip from a press conference held by then Manitoba Premier Brian W. Pallister in May of 2021 with an online audience of journalists, most viewers react with contempt at the way the politician dodges the question about the possible use of ivermectin as a treatment drug against Covid-19.

That’s nothing new, and that’s how a lot of politicians “speak.”

The real bombshell revelation hidden in the statements of this veteran politician are the words he adds after giving his answer, words that seem to be completely irrelevant to the aforegoing press conference on pandemic issues, yet spoken in a manner that deserves our recognition.

When Catherine showed this clip during a recent speech, she pointed out that this man took an enormous political risk to give the public a hint of the truth. As plainly as was possible in the given situation, Brian Pallister informed the public that there are “people in charge” who make rain and control the weather! 

The Manitoba Premier did his constituents a huge service by helping them to see a part of the “control grid” that many, unfortunately, still do not fully understand as being in place.

Two months after the press conference, Brian Pallister announced his resignation from politics.

I just want to say: Thanks to all concerned for the … -er- … rain. … Of course, when farmers make money, we’re all better off, and this is a “billion-dollar rain” for our community, so … -er- … I want to thank the people in charge -er- for making that rain available. ~ PM Brian Pallister


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