Hero of the Week: November 6, 2023: John Laughland

British author John Laughland is an academic and expert on both international affairs and political philosophy. In recognition of his huge body of work, his continued public commentary, his efforts to document and, importantly, to educate, we have named him our Hero of the Week.

Laughland, now residing in France, holds a doctorate in philosophy from the esteemed University of Oxford. As a journalist and commentator, he has contributed articles on geopolitics to The Guardian, The Spectator, The Brussels Journal, and The Wall Street Journal, among many others. He has written extensively on international criminal justice, including condemning the International War Crimes Tribunal in The Hague, and co-authored books concerning geopolitics in both Iran (Shia Power) and Israel (Israel on Israel). Since 2021, he has lectured in political science, political philosophy, and history at France’s Catholic Institute of Vendée in La Roche-sur-Yon.

Laughland is also the international director of the Forum for Democracy International (FVD), a political party based in the Netherlands that is forging alliances across Europe, the U.S., and the Western world, building momentum “for a much needed worldwide renaissance.” On August 26, FVD, along with five other European parties, signed the Budapest Declaration for a Free Europe of Nations. Laughland had the honor of reciting the declaration in front of the delegates and audience.

We applaud and thank him for sharing his research, works, and wisdom.


The Budapest Declaration for a Free Europe of Nations

John Laughland reciting the Budapest Declaration

Covid vaccinations approved ILLEGALLY: European Medicines Agency revelations. In discussion with MEPs regarding the European Medicines Agency and the use of Covid-19 vaccinations (October 2023)

Forum for Democracy International: John Laughland

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John Laughland writing for The Guardian

John Laughland writing for The Spectator

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