The State of Europe with John Laughland

“It is certainly desirable that all societies have systems by which to guard their core values, and that justice and peace be preserved…But the values needed to ensure these things lie beyond the realm of the law, in ethics and culture and religion.” ~ John Laughland

By Catherine Austin Fitts

John Laughland is Director of Studies at the Institut de la Démocratie et de la Coopération (The Institute of Democracy and Cooperation) in Paris. John is a British historian, author, philosopher, and journalist widely respected for his expertise in international law, his analysis of European and global politics and his efforts to promote the rule of law.

This week on The Solari Report, John joins me to discuss the state of Europe and the future of the US-European relationships. Given continued struggles to manage debt loads and popular backlash against austerity programs, tensions in NATO, fighting in Ukraine, sanctions against Russia and the ramifications for the European economy, an influx of immigration from the Muslim countries, triggered in no small part by US wars in the Middle East, continental Europe is managing challenging times.

I know of no one better to address these issues. I first heard John speak after the publication in 1997 of his book The Tainted Source: Undemocratic Origins of the European Idea. His brilliant insights regarding the flaws of the European Union have more than stood the test of time. For background, access our previous report with John here.

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