Hero of the Week: Nov. 29, 2021: Thomas Binder, MD

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Hero of the Week: Nov. 29, 2021: Thomas Binder, MD
Hero of the Week: Nov. 29, 2021: Thomas Binder, MD

“Wake up, stand up and fight, peacefully but firmly; if not for yourself, then for your children’s future and that of your grandchildren!” ~ Dr. Thomas Binder

Dr. Thomas Binder is a Swiss cardiologist and internist with 32 years of experience with acute respiratory infections. He is one of the inspiring doctors in the Doctors for Covid Ethics.

Always brilliant and compassionate, Dr. Binder’s leadership has inspired doctors around the globe, informed our understanding of what Covid-19 injections are doing to our hearts and cardiovascular systems, and contributed to the effort to protect the Swiss people from tyranny with the November 28th Swiss referendum.

Binder’s emergence as a global leader began when he questioned the lockdown measures and publicly criticized the controversial PCR test early on in 2020. He was arrested by an anti-terrorist squad, put in jail, and then put in a padded cell in a mental hospital for six days. Fifteen months later, he has entirely beaten back the attacks against him while retaining his remarkable sense of humor.

Too good at science for Twitter and social media, you can find Dr. Binder at www.thomasbinder.ch.

And here is his latest post: The Prevailing Corona Nonsense Narrative.

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