Hero of the Week: March 6, 2023: Dr. Wolfgang Wodarg

Viren sind nicht das Problem. Bleiben Sie besonnen.“ (“Viruses are not the problem. Stay level-headed.”) ~ Dr. Wolfgang Wodarg

This week, we are finally honoring Dr. Wolfgang Wodarg as one of our great heroes during the ongoing p(l)andemic that has descended upon the world. His status—in terms of leadership, scientific and factual clarity, and commitment to the heroic fight to end tyrannical health policies and fearmongering—is more historic than that of many of the leading figures in the current truth movement. In fact, Dr. Wodarg is a seasoned unmasker of government, pharmaceutical, multinational, and WHO collusion, having already played that role during the so-called swine flu “pandemic” that was rolled out to scare and bamboozle the public over 10 years ago.

Dr. Wodarg’s tremendous insights into the workings of public health care laws, his practical knowledge of epidemiology and pulmonology, and his political experience and unique position as both a member of the German Bundestag (parliament) as well as a member of the European Council and chair of the health subcommittee, combined to make Dr. Wodarg most likely the key individual to uncover and put an end to the 2010 swine flu swindle. He thereby helped protect millions of Europeans from fake vaccines and disastrous legislative consequences. What an extraordinary achievement.

When Mr. Global set out again in 2020 with another push for complete control through the specter of viral disease and health care dictatorship, Dr. Wodarg was among the first to cry foul on the coronavirus. He has since been involved non-stop in helping citizens understand the issues at stake, has been a constant member and medical advisor to the German Corona-Ausschuss (Investigative Committee) and its weekly truth-finding sessions, has presented with the Doctors for Covid Ethics team, and authored a No. 1 bestselling book in Germany, False Pandemics, that has just been published in English.

As a pulmonologist, physician, and public health expert, Dr. Wodarg appeals to his colleagues in medicine:

“We are witnesses, perpetrators, and victims of the greatest crime in the history of medicine. My appeal to the medical profession: Do NOT let yourselves be blinded and misled any longer! Be courageous, and say No!”

Dr. Wolfgang Wodarg truly is a man of the highest integrity and exceptional intelligence. As Catherine once said about him: “The vibration level always rises when he comes in the room. It is amazing to feel it.”


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