Hero of the Week: June 27, 2022: Congressman Thomas Massie

“The Chairman says that ‘18 to 20-year-old individuals’ maturation of parts of their brains hasn’t occurred’—then why do we allow them to make the decision to fight for their country and to join the military?”

   ~ Congressman Thomas Massie

Congressman Thomas Massie is our Hero of the Week, and it is the third time the Solari Report has decided to honor him in this way. Not only is he working to promote local economies and empower local livestock farmers (for example, through the PRIME Act, see Solari interview with Pete Kennedy), but he is one of the leading voices to stop the push for laws that would make every American a potential “domestic terrorist” and thus remove the right to bear and own arms for good.

In a clever move during a recent congressional hearing, Rep. Thomas Massie read from a list of numerous cases where “concealed handgun permit holders have stopped likely mass public shootings.” The Crime Prevention Research Center published the list in 2015 and updated it in 2022; by reading it out loud in Congress, Rep. Massie successfully introduced it into the record. It has also been quoted on the Solari website.

Hero of the Week: June 27, 2022: Congressman Thomas Massie
Hero of the Week: June 27, 2022: Congressman Thomas Massie

Many reports of mass shooting events are later found to contain irreconcilable elements and “facts,” and often display the hallmarks of what looks like covert operations. It is timely, therefore, to be reminded of the numerous incidences when legal gun holders were able to thwart such sinister efforts.

If gun laws are put into place that prevent citizens from arming and defending themselves while the CIA and DOJ provide cover for drug gangs, the stage will be set for the expropriation of the country.

Congressman Massie is not letting this happen and is in a serious fight for the rights and liberties of Americans, all the while managing to remain polite and charming and never losing his “state of amusement.”


UPDATED: Compiling Cases where concealed handgun permit holders have stopped likely mass public shootings

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