Hero of the Week: February 19, 2024: John Sevier (the Overmountain Men)

“John Sevier, Pioneer, Soldier, Statesman, and one of the founders of the Republic. Governor of the State of ‘Franklin,’ six times Governor of Tennessee, four times elected to Congress. The typical pioneer who conquered the wilderness and fashioned the State. A protector and hero of ‘Kings Mountain’ 35 battles—35 victories. His Indian war cry, ‘Here they are! Come on boys, come on!’” ~ Monument inscription, Knoxville

On the occasion of Washington’s Birthday, which is celebrated as a holiday in the United States and in 2024 falls on February 19, we would like to pay tribute to John Sevier, “the father of Tennessee” and one of the famous “Overmountain Men.”

Sevier was a farmer, soldier, statesman, and, as founder and first governor of Tennessee, is an esteemed figure in the history of Tennessee. He also played a significant role in the American Revolutionary War as one of the Overmountain Men, a group of American frontiersmen residing in the western region of the Appalachian Mountains who demonstrated immense bravery and determination during the war. Their most notable achievement was their victory against British Loyalist forces in the Battle of Kings Mountain in 1780. This triumph solidified their place in history and their contribution to the American Revolution.

Sevier played a crucial role in shaping the boundaries of Tennessee during his tenure as governor. He skillfully negotiated with various Indian tribes to establish peaceful relations and ensure the state’s growth and progress. Additionally, he actively worked on drafting legislation to promote the development and advancement of Tennessee. Following his retirement from the state house, Sevier demonstrated his commitment to public service by serving a term in the Tennessee General Assembly, followed by three consecutive terms in the U.S. House of Representatives. Sevier’s extensive experience and leadership qualities made him a respected figure in both state and national politics.

As Catherine comments, “Senator Niceley always points out that Washington said before the Battle of King’s Mountain, ‘All hope is lost,’ and then the Overmountain Men showed up and saved the day—emphasizing once again that it is never over until it is over.”


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