Hero of the Week: April 8, 2024: South Dakota Representative Julie Auch

Representative Julie Auch is a member of the South Dakota House of Representatives, representing District 18. We have selected her as our Hero of the Week.

We were fortunate to have a recent conversation with Representative Auch, who shared the following comments with us:

I have not ever been politically active until January 2022, when I attended my first Grand Old Party (GOP) meeting. I believe I was called to run against a young man who had voted to allow for nine-month abortions in the State of South Dakota. It was a close race, but I was able to secure the position in the House of Representatives and started my first term in 2023.

Within the first two weeks [of 2023], HB1193 was presented [to “amend provisions of the Uniform Commercial Code” (UCC)], and I just could not understand how a conservative state like South Dakota could pass a bill with digital currency and the foundation for digital ID. Immediately, I started asking questions and recruited the assistance of the Freedom Caucus and WallBuilders, and we were able to inform the people of South Dakota. It was only because of the efforts of these organizations and the people of South Dakota that we were able to convince Governor Noem to Veto HB1193.

Because of the veto and many phone calls, HB1163 was presented—an amended version of the year prior—and it was passed in 2024 legislation.

Rep. Auch continued:

I presented a bill to amend the UCC Article 8, but because of the heavy hand of the bankers’ lobby in South Dakota, the bill failed in Committee.

I certainly did not become a legislator to read or understand the UCC, but unfortunately, I believe it is the legal means the globalists will use to confiscate our bank accounts and tokenize our assets. The UCC is necessary for businesses to transact across state lines, but it has been weaponized in so many ways to control unsuspecting citizens of the state in which it was passed to protect. There is a true, concerted effort to take citizens’ private property, and what makes it even more disturbing is that it will be taken legally and with your permission.

As well as being a proud grandmother, Representative Auch owns a small business, and she and her husband are farmers and ranchers.

We appreciate her efforts in opposing the advances of financial transaction control.


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