Hero of the Week: April 22, 2024: Dr. Masayasu Inoue

Stunning Message For the World from Japan from Professor Masayasu Inoue.

Stunning Message For the World from Japan from Professor Masayasu Inoue.

From caring comes courage.” ~ Lao Tzu

Our Hero of the Week is Dr. Masayasu Inoue, a distinguished Professor Emeritus of molecular pathology and medicine at Osaka City University Medical School.

A widely circulated video by Dr. Inoue delivered a serious cautionary message to the global community, highlighting the potential risks associated with what he terms “experimental gene therapy” given to healthy people:

“The pandemic was used as a false pretext by the WHO to drive vaccinations of all peoples in the world. A plan was set up to shorten the time to develop vaccines (which usually takes longer than ten years) to less than one year, ‘Operation Warp Speed.’ This operation was used to cover up the misconcept of the genetic vaccines. Under the pretext of saving time, an extremely dangerous method was selected. That is, intramuscular injection of viral genes to produce toxic spike proteins directly in human tissues to stimulate immune system. Because this is a completely new method and misconcept method that has never applied before in human history, it is impossible, therefore, for most of doctors to give proper informed consent. However, due to irresponsible government and media campaigns to promote vaccines, 80% of the Japanese has been vaccinated.

Unfortunately, seven shots have been done so far. This is the most and worst in the world. And the result was the induction of the terrible drug-induced injury that has never [been] seen in human history. I believe that the fraudulent use of experimental gene therapy to healthy peoples, particularly to healthy children, is an extreme violation of human rights. However, Keizō Takemi, Japanese Minister of Health, Labor, and Welfare, has been insisting that there is no serious concern about the injury caused by genetic vaccines. And without learning from the current situation of injured patients, they plan to construct a new vaccine production system in preparation for the next pandemic. This is an unbelievable, crazy situation.

The Japanese government is the first in the world to approve a new type of vaccine called ‘self-replication replicon vaccine,’ and plans to start to supply it in this fall and winter. The Ministry of Economy, Trade, and Industry is providing a huge amount of subsidies for this project. And factories to produce new vaccines are being built one after another in Japan. I visited these factories directly.”

Whereas Prof. Inoue’s allegiance is to the Japanese people, Health Minister Takemi is a WHO loyalist, having served as “WHO Goodwill Ambassador for Universal Health Coverage” at the behest of the WHO Director-General since 2019.

In his video, Inoue also stated:

“If such things continue, there is a high risk that Japan-made vaccines will be exported under the guise for false trust. If Japan were to become a perpetrator, it would leave irreparable harm to future generations. Therefore, the actions of the Japanese government must be stopped by international collaborations.”

On April 13, Prof. Inoue spoke at a protest at which tens of thousands of Japanese citizens protested the WHO’s “Pandemic Treaty.” Inoue called attention to the influence of pharmaceutical corporations and the Gates Foundation on the WHO as some of its lead funders, and urged people “to resist introducing genetic vaccines into their bodies.”


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