Health Series: Chelating Mercury and Lead with Jan Martin

Chelation takes the mercury out of you and makes you healthier. Chelation is what cures you. Chelation is the most important part of your treatment.”
~ Andrew Hall Cutler, PhD, PE, Amalgam Illness: Diagnosis and Treatment (1999)

By Jennifer Walters, BSN, RN, PHN, MFA

We are being poisoned in our water, air, food, personal products and injections. Just walking outside in the morning to all the white stripes in the sky or watching healthy athletes “die suddenly” on the field reinforces that this is a culling. Removing these poisons and supporting our bodies to heal is a very important step toward living a free and inspired life!

In the first Health Series interview with Dr. Christopher Exley, we discussed how to remove aluminum from our bodies by drinking one liter of water that is high in silicic acid (Fiji or Acilis) and to avoid adding more aluminum to our body burden by keeping the intake level as low as possible in our food, drink, makeup, household goods, and so forth. Dr. Exley’s 2020 book, Imagine You Are an Aluminum Atom: Discussions with Mr. Aluminum (Skyhorse Publishing), explains all about aluminum and how to remove it.

This interview focuses on chelating (removing) mercury and lead from the body. Neither of these toxic metals is supposed to be in the body, and both can build up over time, making us very ill and even bringing us to an early grave.

Mercury, as described in the 2010 book The Age of Autism: Mercury, Medicine and a Man-Made Epidemic” by Dan Olmsted and Mark Blaxill, is “the Great Pretender.” Mercury toxicity can mimic many different types of illnesses and their symptoms, including “the tremors of Parkinson’s, the hallucinations of schizophrenia, the paralysis/contractures of stroke, [and] gastrointestinal pain of ulcers and cancers.” In their 2019 book What Really Makes You Ill? Why Everything You Thought You Knew about Disease Is Wrong, Dawn Lester and David Parker also explain that the severity of symptoms can vary related to the amount of mercury poisoning. Acute, high-dose exposures to mercury bring on intense symptoms of kidney failure, hallucinations, and sometimes death. Lower doses can provoke “unusual irritability, timidity, and suicidal tendencies,” while even lower doses may prompt symptoms similar to a cold or flu, joint pain, or headaches. Andrew Cutler, PhD pointed out in his 1999 book Amalgam Illness that mercury creates severe inflammation in the body and blocks production of the glutathione that we need to help get rid of harmful toxins.

Lead has been known to be toxic since the time of the ancient Greeks and Romans. The World Health Organization (WHO) states in its latest fact sheet, “Lead is cumulative and affects multiple body systems and is particularly harmful to young children.”

When my oldest son Bryan was vaccine-injured in December 2008 from his baby shots, I began researching anything and everything that could help him recover his health and possibly his ability to communicate again. His doctors and I discovered that he was toxic with both mercury and lead, with amounts similar to others who had experienced vaccine toxicity. Given that our son was not quite three years old, I needed to find the safest chelation approach possible. Although I knew one family that had had some success with intravenous (IV) chelation, and others who had found help with large oral doses of DMSA every eight hours, I was drawn to Andy Cutler’s chelation method involving frequent, small doses taken orally. Soon, I found a Yahoo group with hundreds of parents like me looking for chelation advice and support.

Bryan was very responsive to the chelation therapy. By age six—after several hundred “rounds” of an every-three-hours dosing schedule with three days on and four days off (using alpha lipoic acid [ALA] to chelate mercury and DMSA or DMPS for lead)—he was peer level in a classroom without an aide. It was exciting! Those years also involved lots of nutritional changes, support from supplements and hard work, but I know he wouldn’t be where he is today without Andy Cutler and his chelation methods, or my friends in the Yahoo (now Facebook) group.

From the very beginning of our journey, Jan Martin was the moderator of our online group. Jan is a mother, author, and detox coach. She recovered from mercury poisoning herself, and her children were also affected by toxic metals. She has over 15 years’ experience with the frequent-dose protocol, and her autism spectrum disorder (ASD) child responded so well to the protocol that she wanted to share it with others. She co-authored the book Fight Autism and Win: Biomedical Therapies That Actually Work! This book is for everyone who is mercury- or lead-toxic, not just for parents of vaccine-injured children.

Jan has continued with her work to help those affected by mercury and lead poisoning, and she joins us for an in-depth discussion about chelation of the two metals. In this interview, you will learn:

  • How Jan chelates the “frequent dose” way, with tips and tricks on how to test for metals and where to buy the labs (with or without a doctor)
  • What to do if you have a mouth full of amalgam fillings
  • What “half-life” means and the importance of chelating safely so that mercury doesn’t redistribute into the brain or other fatty organs or tissues during a “round” of chelation

We will also cover how to supplement correctly for oxidative stress, how to deal with yeast or bacteria overgrowth, several ways to test for adrenal or thyroid issues without a blood test—and a whole lot more! Everything we discuss can be found in Jan’s book. (Note: After seven years of selling the book on Amazon, they banned it in March 2019. Fortunately, it is still available at Jan’s website below.)

This isn’t medical advice, and I do suggest you speak with your natural, holistic, or integrative health or medical practitioner before doing any kind of chelation. Once you understand the basics, however, this is a straightforward way to get rid of toxins that are harming you and your family.

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