Book Review: Profiles of the Vaccine-Injured, by Children’s Health Defense, Foreword by Robert F. Kennedy, Jr.

By Catherine Austin Fitts

One of the important aspects missing from informed consents related to the Covid-19 injections and other vaccines on the childhood and adult schedules is clear communication regarding the costs in both time and money of possible side effects and so-called adverse events.

It is one thing to read “neurological damage.” It is another thing to read “neurological damage with an estimated average lifetime cost of $1-5MM dollars that will require a significant investment in family members’ or caregivers’ time.”

To start to grapple with the real financial and human costs of pharmaceutical fraud and the absence and/or inadequacy of informed consent, Children’s Health Defense has published Profiles of the Vaccine-Injured: “A Lifetime Price to Pay”—an excellent review of the actual financial and human costs of adverse events resulting from vaccines routinely administered to children and adults, including for travel, as well as from the Covid-19 injections. The nine stories that form the heart of the book attest to the disturbing fact that “when it comes to vaccine injuries, there’s no help legally or financially—you’re on your own.” This is a critically important and sobering contribution to our understanding of the dangers resulting from injecting or ingesting poison masquerading as medicine and doing so without full and fair disclosure of the potential consequences.

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