Geopolitical – Week of 07.02.17

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“Stand Strong for the Constitution”A Utah Coalition

Stand for the Constitution | 01 July 2017
Stopping the Madness of a “Con Con”…

Putin’s Assessment of Trump at the G-20 Will Determine Our Future
Information Clearing House | 07 July 2017
Unleashes jihadism…

At Least One Killed in Blaze at El Salvador Ministry
Reuters | 07 July 2017
Jumped from…

Republic of El Salvador
Wikipedia | 07 July 2017

NBC: Hillary Clinton Threatened Staff Over State Dept. Pedo Ring Story
Your News Wire | 02 July 2017
Shut down pedo…

Not a Single War in Recent Years has Started Without Powerful Press ‘Artillery’ – RT Editor-in-chief
RT | 05 July 2017
Media has become a…

Trump, European Union to offer starkly different trade visions at G-20 Summit
Whittier Daily News | 05 July 2017
1000 Gestalten…

Steve Scalise Readmitted to Intensive Care Unit Amid Infection concerns, in ‘Serious’ Condition
Washington Examiner | 05 July 2017
Following several…

Canada to Compensate Ex-Guantanamo Inmate, Opposition Furious
Reuters | 04 July 2017
Series of expensive settlements with…

Macron To Reduce French Parliament Members
Asian Lite | 04 July 2017
Electoral system would be…

On Trump & Putin at G20: I Sure Hope that I Am Wrong, but…
The Saker | 03 July 2017
They say…

52 Congressmen Urge US to List Israel on Jerusalem-Born Citizens’ Passports
Jerusalem Post | 03 July 2017
Political Clerical Imperatives…

Trump Hopes To Quietly Steal Putin’s Natgas Business In Europe
Zero Hedge | 03 July 2017
Petroleum, the Root Cause…

Even Powerful Senator Can’t Get U.S. Intelligence Agencies to Tell Him Whether They’re Spying On Him … Or Whether Spying Could Be Used to Blackmail Him
Washingtons Blog | 03 July 2017
Rogue … With…

Once Only Blacks Were Enslaved, Now We All Are
Paul Craig Roberts | 02 July 2017
Only alternatives are…

133 New Tennessee Laws Take Effect July 1
WKRN | 29 June 2017
Legislation Avalanche…

Justice Department Subpoenas The Intercept for Records on Barrett Brown
Truth Out | 02 July 2017
Those Pesky 1st and 4th Amendments…

Republicans Warn Reauthorization Of NSA Surveillance Tool Will Be Hard After Flynn Leaks
The Daily Caller | 30 March 2017
Getting Caught in Your Own Net…

Czech Republic Votes to Establish Right to Keep and Bear Arms Against…
JP Farrell | 02 July 2017
The Sensible Alternative to Terrorism..

Czech Parliament Moves to Legalize Firearm Ownwership
BBC | 29 June 2017
2nd Amendment Catch Up…

Germany Raids Homes of 36 People Accused of Hateful Postings Over Social Media
NYT | 20 June 2017
Pendulum Swings the Other Way…

HK20: Hong Kong’s Language and Culture is Endangered by a Purely Political Concept of Chinese Identity
Hong Kong Free Press | 04 July 2017
How do You keep them Down on the Farm???

China Says Hong Kong Handover Deal is Now Just a Scrap of Paper as Xi Draws ‘Red Liine’ on Sovereignty
Shanghaiist| June 2017
Nice or Rough??

John Podesta Hauled In For Closed-Door Questioning By House Intel Committee
Zero Hedge | 28 June 2017
More Behind Closed Door Deals???

If this is True and Not Internet BS, the US is not a Country. It is a Cesspool
Paul Craig Roberts | 01 July 2017
Control File Mechanism Disclosure…

The Destruction of Cardinal Pell
One Peter Five | 01 July 2017

Pell Take Down, Alternative Motives…

238 Arrested in Sweep of Suspected Child Sex Predators
LA Times | 21 June 2017
L.A. Cracks Down…

Congress Must Raise Debt Ceiling by Mid-October: CBO
Reuters | 20 June 2017
Debt w/o End Amen…

Gov. Christie Orders New Jersey Government Shutdown Amid Budget Impasse
NBC NY| 01 July 2017
Another State Teeters…

Reinvention or Regrets? Hong Kong’s Faces a Fork in the Road
McKinsey | 01 July 2017
Fullest Pontential???

Tillerson breaks State Department hiring freeze
CBS | 01 July 2017
Government Expansion Resumes…

How CNN boss Jeff Zucker Helped Elect a US President and a Governor of California
Jon Rappoport | 01 June 2017
Bottom Line Alliances..

Sweet:Obama Foundation Ramps up Fundraising
Chicago Sun Times | 13 April 2017
More, How the Game is Played…

The Obama $60M Book Deal is Way Over Priced
NYP | 01 March 2017
How the Game is Played…

Proposed Golf Course at Obama Library Draws Criticism
Star Advertiser | 25 June 2017
Maybe Homeless People will Get to Sleep on it…

Obama Details Plans for Chicago Presidential Center
Reuters | 03 May 2017
So, many Personal Unanswered Questions…