Geopolitical – Week of 06.18.17

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Preparing For War? US House Wants To Create First New Military Branch Since 1947
Zero Hedge | 24 June 2017
Star Fleet’s Birth…

‘Modern-Day Slavery’: Many Southern States Have Prison Inmates Working in Governor’s Mansions and Capitol Buildings
Alternet | 23 June 2017
Prison Labor Everywhere…

Dr. Nick Begich: How To Break The Zombie Trance
YouTube | 25 March 2017
How to Make Contact…

Latest Solari $50.00 Donation
Earthpulse, Nick Begich, HAARP Guy
Go Fund Me | 00 June 2017

Anne Honer – going back to Hospital
Go Fund Me | 00 June 2017
Dr. Nick Begich Fund for Anne Honer…

Alternative Health/ Mind Powers
Coast to Coast | 21 June 2017
(Subscription) Dr. Nick Begich on Coast to Coast AM….

The Russia Sanctions: Germany Says “This Must Not Happen”
JP Farrell | 24 June 2017
NATO Divide Grows…

The World Is Going Down With Trump
Paul Craig Roberts | 24 June 2017
Dr. Robert’s Assessment…

Germany Secretly Passed Total Surveillance of Everything
Martin Armstrong | 24 June 2017
Germany’s Paranoia is Showing….

Puerto Rico Referendum Votes for Statehood
JP Farrell| 23 June 2017
PR number 51???

UN Report Reveals Nations Producing Most Refugees Were Targets of US Intervention
The Anti Media | 22 June 2017
Consequences of Eternal War….

The Promise and Pitfalls of Privatising Public Assets
Economist | 22 June 2017
Also go wrong…

America Illegally At War For a Long Time Now
Information Clearing House | 21 June 2017
Eternal War, No Checks and Balances…

30 GOP Congressmen Have Been Attacked or Threatened Since May
Free Beacon | 22 June 2017
No Headhunting here…

Nebraska Democratic Party Official Ousted After Controversial Audio Recording Surfaces
Fox 42 KPTM| 23 June 2017
Taking Pleasure from the Carnage…

Russia-gate Flops as Democrats’ Golden Ticket
Information Clearing House | 22 June 2017
Serious Holes in the DNC…

Islamic State Blows Up Historic Mosul Mosque Where it Declared ‘Caliphate’
Reuters UK | 22 June 2017
Mid East Gone Mad Installment…

In The Event Of Attack, Here’s How The Government Plans ‘To Save Itself’
NPR | 21 June 2017
Dr. Strangelove, the Documentary…

Schaeuble Warns US Pullback Could “End Our Liberal World Order”
Zero Hedge | 21 June 2017
Mr. Global Laments…

US House of Representatives: anti-Russian Sanctions Blocked
The Duran | 21 June 2017
Broad Brush Draconian Measures Rejected…

After Transgender Sensitivity Training Becomes Mandatory in the Army, Delta Force Operator Issues Reality Check
Independent Journal Review | June 2017
Delta MSG Hits the Bullseye…

Michael Moore: Dems Have ‘No Message, No Plan, No Leaders’
The Hill | 21 June 2017
Master of the Obvious statement…

US Imposes New Sanctions on Russia Over Ukraine as Poroshenko Visits Washington
Sputnik News | 20 June 2017
MIC Large and in Charge…

What to do with a Broken Illinois: Dissolve the Land of Lincoln
Chicago Tribune | 20 June 2017
IL Third World Status Commentary…

Do Illinois’ ‘Core Properties’ for Payment Match Yours?
Chicago Sun Times | 07 June 2017
So, Where is the Money Going???

Illinois Lawmakers Head to Capitol
US News | 20 June 2017
IL Going Down…

Greg Palast: Jim Crow Scam Threatens to Tip Georgia’s Ossoff-Handel Race
Truth Out | 20 June 2017
More Voting Irregularities…

Pentagon Report Highlights Chinese Submarine Buildup
Asian Times | 20 June 2017
China’s New Global Force Projection Efforts…

Dmitry Orlov: The US Is Sleepwalking Towards A Nuclear Confrontation
Information Clearing House | 20 June 2017
More Pushing WWIII…

Caught On Video: Russian, NATO Jets In Near Standoff After F-16 Buzzes Defense Minister’s Airplane
Zero Hedge | 21 June 2017
Pushing WWIII Envelope…

In Historic Shakeup Saudi King Removes Crown Prince, Names Son As First Heir
Zero Hedge | 21 June 2017
Saudi Top Tier Changes…

Georgia Election Results: Handel Defeats Ossoff in U.S. House Race
NYT | 21 June 2017
Republicans Score Another Win…

Those that want to make America great again are 5 and 0!” | Trump celebrates Handel’s win
Ynaija | 21 June 2017
Trumps’ Coat Tails…

Hillary Clinton Told FBI’s Mueller To Deliver Uranium To Russians In 2009 “Secret Plane-Side Tarmac Meeting”
Zero Hedge | 20 June 2017
What’s a little Enriched Uranium between Friends?…

Exclusive: Pedophilia Case Takes Cruel Twist when Teenager is Accused of Assaulting Younger Brother; ‘Digital Kidnapping’ to Blame
Bob Sullivan | 19 June 2017
Malevolent Digital Editing….

The Middle East Is Blowing Up
Dollar Collapse | 19 June 2017
Economic Meltdown Cover…

Russia Warns U.S. After Downing of Syrian Warplane
NYT | 19 June 2017
Deafening Saber Rattling…

Newt Gingrich Calls For Hearings To Investigate “Foreign Influence Peddling In The U.S., Way Beyond The Russians”
Real Clear Politics | 18 June 2017
Best Government Money Can Buy goes Global..

Donald Trump’s Need for Flattery is Trashing Reputations
Economist | 17 June 2017
Characters who…

Trumps Pledge to Wipe Out MS-13 Gang Paying Off in NY
NY Post | 16 June 2017
Other Side of the Drug Equation…

Letter: Sessions Declares War on Medical Marijuana States
Info Wars | 16 June 2017
States Desperate for More Revenue…

Germany: Police Powerless Against Middle Eastern Crime Gangs
Gates One| 18 June 2017
Unarmed Populace Consequences…

Bernie Sanders on BBC Show Hardtalk
Jesse’s Crossroads Cafe | 18 June 2017
Update from Bernie…

New Ontario Law Enables Gov’t to Seize Children from Parents Opposing Gender Transition
Breitbart | 06 June 2017

World Gone Mad….

Macron Marches On as his Party Wins Large Majority in French Parliament
The Guardian | 18 June 2017
PTB Solidify Hold…

Seth Rich’s Neighbors Sound Off on Murder Mystery
World Net Daily | 18 June 2017

MIA Video Evidence….

25 Things Revealed About Vladimir Putin by Oliver Stone in the Putin Interviews
The Duran | 18 June 2017
Putin, the Realist..

Norway on the Way to Become Unfriendly Neighbor in Russia’s Eyes
Strategic Culture | 18 June 2017
Norway Hosts the USMC…

Russia and Islam, Connecting the Dots and Discerning the Future
The Saker | 18 June 2017
Russia Makes Friends with Enemies….

The 2016 Election and the Demise of Journalistic Standards
Hillsdale College | May / June 2017
MSM’s Demise….

Jim Marrs is Gravely Ill
Kevin Randle | 18 June 2017
All Our Prayers and Best Wishes…

Pentagon: US Shoots Down Syrian Aircraft for First Time
AP | 18 June 2017
And Hotter…

Iran Fires Missiles at ISIL Positions in Eastern Syria
Al Jazeera | 18 June 2017
Syria Gets Hotter….

Exposed: Tucker Carlson, His ‘Charity’ and the Trump Campaign Cash He Didn’t Tell Fox Viewers About
Alternet | 17 June 2017
Pay for Play…

Bridge Spells Trouble for Hong Kong
AM 730| 08 June 2017
Infrastructure Pressure…

List of State Applications for an Article V Convention
Wikipedia | 24 June 2017
Application of the Legislatures of…