Geopolitical – Week of 02.26.17

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Fmr Congresswoman: If Trump Goes After High-Level Pedophiles, It Will Take Down Dems & Republicans
Free Thought Project | 01 March 2017
More on Pizza Gate…

Koch Brothers Protégé and Founding Father Wannabe Gov. Greg Abbott Wants to Amend your Constitution 9 Ways
Salon | 04 December 2016
Forget the Bill of Rights, Abbott is proposing…

Foreign Affairs: Print Less But Transfer More by Mark Blyth
Mark Blyth | Sept./Oct. 2014
Give money directly to…

What Is To Be Done?
Paul Craig Roberts | 03 March 2017
Serious Questions…

EU Escalates ‘Visa War’ with US with Americans Set to Lose Visa-free Travel to Europe
Telegraph | 02 March 2017
Response to Washington…

Obama Advisor Rhodes Is Wrong: The President Can Order A Wiretap, And Why Trump May Have The Last Laugh
Zero Hedge | 04 February 2017
Notwithstanding any other law, the President…

Towergate: Donald Trump Accuses ‘Sick’ Barack Obama of ‘Nixon/Watergate’ Scandal for Wire-tapping his Phones at Trump Tower Before the Election
Daily Mail | 04 March 2017
This is McCarthyism!…

New Bipartisan Bill Would End Stabbing, Shooting of Animals in Military Training
PETA | 04 March 2017
Spare animals horrific deaths, better prepare…

Brexit: UK could Quit EU without Paying a Penny, say Lords
Guardian | 04 March 2017
UK will not be…

U.S. Suspends Fast Processing of High-tech Visa Applications
Reuters | 04 March 2017
Reduce a backlog of…

Under Fire, Philly Stops Suing Parents of Incarcerated Kids for Child Support
Philly | 03 March 2017
Balancing our budget on the backs of…

Obama Admin. Arranged Sessions’ First Meeting with Russian Ambassador, Fmr. DOJ Atty. Reveals
CNS News | 03 March 2017
Lays out the ….details of Sessions’…

Juncker Has Meltdown While Debating Future Of EU: “What Do You Want Us To Do?”
Zero Hedge | 03 March 2017
He then raged…

EU Military Headquarters to Open Soon
Spacewar | 03 March 2017
Big leap…

America is in Deep Trouble
Liberty Blitzkrieg | 02 March 2017
Two events have demonstrated…

GOP Sen: 30 Dems Met With Russian Ambassador On Iran Deal
Daily Caller | 02 March 2017
Twice in the last four years…

Democrat Claire McCaskill Caught Lying About Meeting With Russian Ambassador
Zero Hedge| 02 March 2017
How he could strip Hillary’s…

How Trump Should Spend That Extra $54 Billion on Defense
Wired | 02 March 2017
Against budget caps put…

Trump -The Enigma
The Saker | 02 March 2017
Knows that this…

Marine Le Pen Loses EU Parliament Immunity Over Tweets
Reuters | 02 March 2017
Prosecuted in 2015 with…

Le Pen Stripped of EU Parliamentary Immunity For Tweeting Pictures of ISIS Atrocities
Infowars | 02 March 2017
She is expected to…

Donald Trump’s Congress Speech (full text)
CNN | 01 March 2017
Trump’s Congressional Address..

Investigators Probed Jeff Sessions’ Contacts With Russian Officials
WSJ | 01 March 2017
Sessions investigated…

Is Beijing Outflanking the United States in the South China Sea?
Reuters | 01 March 2017
S.China Sea Chessboard…

Trump Administration would Ignore WTO rulings it sees as Anti-U.S.: FT
Reuters | 01 March 2017
Trump Pre-empts WTO…

President Winfrey? Oprah Says in the Age of Trump that She Could Run for the White House Despite being Unqualified for the Job
Daily Mail | 01 March 2017
Oprah’s Hat in the Ring…

Tulsi Gabbard, ‘Why is US supporting Al Qaeda?’
Ron Paul Liberty Report | 28 February 2017
Video of Gabbard crushing CNN interviewer…

Video: War on Syria: Manufactured Revolution and Fake Media Narrative
Global Research | 28 February 2017
Supported by US-NATO and …

The Clinton System to Discredit Donald Trump
Islam Times | 28 February 2017
Two procedures of destitution of…

Here is how much you get paid for giving $27 trillion to bankers: Obamas get $60MM
The Obamas Sign Huge Book Deal
Axiom | 28 February 2017
How it’s Done…

Newly-Declassified Documents Show that CIA Worked Closely with Owners and Journalists with Many of the Largest Media Outlets
Zero Hedge | 28 Febuary 2017
CIA MSM Partnership…

Nothing to See Here, Folks
Scott Adams | 28 February 2017
Dilbert’s 1st Amendment Claw Back..

Riot Against Globalists: The New World Order is Dead
LFB | 28 February 2017
That claim lies in tatters…

US Intel Agencies Deliberately Sank Flynn, Don’t Care About National Security – ex-CIA Officer
RT | 27 Feburary 2017
CIA Influence Still Strong…

Deep State War? Russian Officials Keep Dying Unexpectedly
Zero Hedge | 27 February 2017
Dead Russian Officials Cont’d…

Meet The Awan Brothers – The (Not-Russian) IT Staff Who Allegedly Hacked Congress’ Computer Systems
Global Research | 27 February 2017
Target of a disastrous…

Did Democrats Aid and Abet Terrorists Seeking American Secrets?
Spectator | 27 February 2017
Rooting through House Democrats…

National child abuse inquiry to hold first public hearings after controversy
The Guardian | 27 February 2017
UK investigates Child Abuse..

Daily KOS | 27 February 2017
Dems unite…

Ernst & Young no longer Requires Degrees – No Evidence a Degree = Success
Martin Armstrong | 27 February 2017
Degrees no longer a sign of success..

Inside Trump’s Secret Dinner: A Side of the President You Don’t Ever See
Independent Journal Review | 26 February 2017
President’s Private Side..

Navy secretary nominee Philip Bilden withdraws
CNN | 26 February 2017
Nominee withdraws…

Spicer Cracking Down on White House Staff to Prevent Leaks
The Hill | 26 February 2017
Ramping up…

Robert Mercer: the big data billionaire waging war on mainstream media
The Guardian | 26 February 2017
MSM has Billionaire Opposition..

Trump Prepares for Budget, Prime-time Address
USA Today | 22 February 2017
Our moral duty to…

French Government to Track Everyone Everywhere
Armstrong Economics | 26 February 2017
Livelihood then is dependent upon…

Establishment Favorite Tom Perez Wins Vote To Lead Democratic Party
ZeroHedge | 25 February 2017
Bernie Sanders warned…

Documents Indicate Germany Spied on Foreign Journalists
Spiegel | 24 February 2017
BBC headquarters in…

Travis County Attorney Sues Paxton to Stop Pressley Open Records Request
RER | 24 February 2017
Texas Elections…