The Seeds of Revolution with Jerry Day of FreedomTaker.

Re: “Catherine Austin Fitts On The Seeds Of Revolution”

I just had a great discussion with Jerry Day of

Here are the links I referred to during our discussion.

Coming Clean: Building a Wonderful World

1st Quarter Equity Overview Link Collection, including the Chapwood Index

JP Morgan Insert: Civil and Criminal Settlements

Covid 19 Disclosure Forms:

Family Financial Disclosure

Employer and School Forms

On Line Book:

Dillon Read & the Aristocracy of Stock Profits:

“Just Do It” Community Currency:

The Silver and Gold Payment Calculator

Get Back $21+ Trillion Missing Money:

The Solari Missing Money Collection:

To Subscribe:

Solari Store

For Subscribers:

The State of Our Currencies

The Going Direct Reset

Prepared for the web site of Jerry Day, the videomaker,