Free Speech and Financial Freedom with Shawn Buckley

A Short Preview:

“We now know we are in a spiritual war. Information is the weapon and the battleground is in our minds. …[C]ontinuing to spread the testimonies of the National Citizens Inquiry and carrying on to hear more testimonies is vital for survival.”
~ Shawn Buckley (Feb. 11, 2024)

By Catherine Austin Fitts

This week, another fearless attorney joins Solari General Counsel Carolyn Betts and me on the Solari Report, this time from Canada: criminal and constitutional lawyer Shawn Buckley. We discuss the essential relationship between free speech and financial freedom, focusing on recent developments in Canada as well as the important Murthy v. Missouri censorship case (formerly Missouri v. Biden) scheduled for argument in the U.S. Supreme Court on March 18.

After stints working in Canadian government, Buckley entered private practice in 1995 and has argued in courts across the land, ranging from the provincial level to the Federal Court of Appeal and Canada’s Supreme Court. He has worked for many years to protect Canadians’ access to non-pharmaceutical natural health products, founding the Natural Health Products Protection Association in 2008.

Last year, Buckley co-founded the independent, volunteer-run National Citizens Inquiry (NCI), “a citizen-led and citizen-funded effort to examine Canada’s response to COVID-19.” After hearing testimony from over 300 witnesses during 24 days of hearings in spring 2023, the NCI released the Commissioners’ Final Report in late November. The Commissioners concluded, “The testimony objectively demonstrates that an unprecedented attack was carried out on the basic rights, freedoms, and way of life of Canadian citizens.” In February 2024, Buckley concurred that “Canada has moved into a full blown police state model” and characterized the transparency provided through the NCI as “vital for survival.”

It is clear that free speech and transparency represent major threats to Mr. Global’s plans for complete central control. As a powerful speech last year by South Carolina Rep. Nancy Mace illustrated, tyrannical measures—ranging from vaccine mandates to draconian quarantine regulations—can only work if Mr. Global can prevent people from talking to one another.

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