Food Resilience Action for Family and Community: Storage Methods and Tools

Food Storage Method

Beginning food storage can risk a “re-do” so for early adopters, let’s develop some strategy, if not before, then after that garden bed is prepared. Review methods and tools for storage preparation, facilitates, clubs or groups that may educate and speed learning, and start considering small steps and incorporating FUN. Opening a jar of home grown or canned tomatoes leads to great soups, stews and sharing the canning can be a fun hobby for family and friends. Buying a can of tomatoes may save you the time for self care and recharging.

If your strategy is not developing, review Storage Strategy first, then delve into the methods and tools again. Planning a menu informs what foods and storage methods are options and visa versa. Go ahead and get this done first: The Bug Out Bag, an emergency bag that is ready 24 hours a day to provide essentials when you have to leave fast. Have one available where you spend time. ~ Solari Team

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