Food & Health – Week of 11.05.17

The ‘Displacing Foods of Modern Commerce’ Are the Primary and Proximate Cause of Age-Related Macular Degeneration: A Unifying Singular ypothesis
Medical Hypothesis | 00 November 2017

Bad Food, Bad Eyesight…

Sacramento District Attorney’s Son Severely Vaccine Injured
Vaxxter | 09 September 2017

More Litigation…

Monsanto sued by Brazilian soybean farmers over GMO seed
RT | 09 November 2017
Monsanto Push Back….

Hack Your Own DNA and 19 Other Ways to be Your Own Doctor
Scribd | 10 October 2017

Pay for View Article…

EPA Just Approved The Release Of ‘Weaponized’ Mosquitoes In 20 US States
Zero Hedge | 09 November 2017

From Stupid to Insane…

One Hundred Thousand Beating Hearts
Vimeo | 07 November 2017

Evolution from Industrial to Regenerative Farmer..

Survey Reports Improved Health After Avoiding Genetically Modified Foods
ICHNFM | 00 November 2017
Excellent Health Report….

GMO Apples Hit Store Shelves This Week—but Where?
Organic Consumers | 07 November 2017
Heads Up!!!

Awakening from Alzheimers
Awakening from Alheimers| 00 November 2017
Alternative Cures Lead the Way…

The Family that Built the Empire of Pain
The New Yorker | 00 November 2017
Prescription Opiods Run Amok…