Food & Health – Week of 06.04.17

Submit Your Experience for Virtual Senate Hearing Project
World Mercury Project | March 29 2017

YouTube | 29 March 2017
Your personal experience requested for use…..

The Life Force of Plants Can Heal Us
Johnny Delirious | 09 June 2017
Out of the liver and…

Nassau County to Sue Pharmaceutical Companies over Growing Opioid Epidemic on Long Island
NY Daily News | 08 June 2017
Big Pharma run Amok….

Local: 7 Years of Work on Food Forest Destroyed Over Permit
Daily Bell | 07 June 2017
Belligerent, bullying and…

Anthem to leave Ohio’s Obamacare insurance market in 2018
Reuters | 06 June 2017
Most of the Ohio…

Drug Deaths in America Are Rising Faster Than Ever
NYT | 05 June 2017
Drug Deaths Soar…

Raw Milk on Trial in Ontario, Court Could Permanently Shut Down Sales
Natural News | 04 June 2017
The War on Raw Milk Cont’d…

California Senate Passed SB.649 — An Unconstitutional Bill That Forcibly Exposes Neighborhoods to Constant, Hazardous 4G/5G Microwave Radiation
Business Wire | 02 June 2017
7 years—public…