Food & Health – Week of 05.01.17

Study: Infants With DTP Vaccine 5 to 10-Times More Susceptible to Dying
Info Wars | 24 April 2017
Action is Required….

Action News Jax Investigates: Veterans denied benefits for what they call vaccine-related injuries
Action News JAX | 04 May 2017
Inflammation in my hear…

Robert Kennedy Jr. on Young Black Boys and the Death Plots with Vaccines
YouTube | 03 May 2017
Filmed in 2015…

Del Loses it over Bill Nye Segment on Vaccines
YouTube | 03 May 2017
MSM Vaccine Myths Exposed…

This Sister Explained the Reason Single Payer Better in 90 Seconds than I’ve Most in Hours (Including Me).
Twitter | 07 May 2017
USAF Vet Makes Point on Single Payer…

Goldman Explains What The Repeal Of Obamacare Really Means
Zero Hedge | 05 May 2017
O’Care Repeal Explanation…

Sanders on Trumpcare: ‘Take This Bill and Throw It in the Garbage’
YouTube | 03 May 2017
Bernie Defends O’Care…

Hugelkultur: the Ultimate Raised Garden Beds
Rich Soil | 00 May 2017
German Permaculture..

The FDA Will Launch a Campaign to Educate the Public About GMOs
Food and Wine | 03 May 2017
Mis-Dis-Info Abounds….

Another Solari Donation for Sam Girod
Free KY Amish Farmer Samuel Girod
Change Org | May 2017
Petition to Free Sam Girod…

Latest Solari Donation
The Trial: FDA v Samuel Girod Day 3 (Final)
KY Free Press | 05 March 2017
Heavy Handed FDA Actions Exposed…

Medical Cartel Poisons The World
The Alex Jones Channel
Alex Jones | 04 May 2017
Jon Rappoport Interview

Dr. Strikes Equal Less Mortality
CUNY| 00 May 2017
Interesting Statistics…

Taking a Stand: 22,000 Nurses Refuse “Mandatory” Vaccinations
Healthy Holistic Living | May 2017
Flexing Their Muscle and Conscious…

The Food Revolution Summit
Food Revolution Summit | 01 May 2017
Good Clean Food is the Answer…