Food & Health – Week of 01.08.17

Vaccines Revealed Episode 5
VR | 13 January 2017
Updated on 1/14/17, runs through 1/18/17: Enraged……

ACA Repeal Would Lavish Medicare Tax Cuts on 400 Highest-Income Households
CBPP | 12 January 2017
$2.8 billion…

Bayer, Monsanto CEOs Meet With Trump, Argue Merger Would Create U.S. Jobs
Fox Business | 11 January 2017

Trump’s EPA Pick Fought Mercury Rules That Could Save Thousands of Lives
EWG | 11 January 2017
Widely available, proven…

IBM Watson, FDA to Explore Blockchain for Secure Patient Data Exchange
Computer Mag | 11 January 2017
Data for…

Trump Team Denies Skeptic Robert F. Kennedy Jr. was Asked to Head Vaccine Commission
CNN | 10 January 2017
Doubts about the current…

Trump Moves To Challenge Vaccine Science
Buzz Feed | 10 January 2017

Trump Says He’s ‘Exploring’ Forming Commission to Study Autism
Bloomberg | 10 January 2017
Just by raising this…

Another (Sad) Casualty Of Schwantz-Gobbling by Karl Denninger
Market Ticker | 09 January 2017
Trump’s pick for HHS…

Russia Doubles Grain Exports to ASEAN Countries
World Grain | 09 January 2017

A Cleveland Clinic Doctor Spread Anti-vaccine Views. He’s Not Alone Among MDs.
Vox | 08 January 2017
At the expense of neurologic…

VaxXed Tour: Brave Dr. Moss in West Virginia

VaxXed Tour: Brave Dr. Moss in West Virginia

VaxXed Tour: Brave Dr. Moss in West Virginia

YouTube | 24 December 2016
Shoulder injury related to vaccine…

When the Next Big Outbreaks Happen, They’ll Probably Happen in Texas
Science Blogs | 02 December 2016
Growing rapidly…

Why Texas is Becoming a Major Antivaccine Battlefield
Science Mag | 01 December 2016
“There is a big fight coming,”…

Peer-Reviewed, Published Research Linking Mercury to Autism
World Mercury Project | June 2016