Food & Health – 4th Quarter 2018

Rising star political journalist, 26, dies one day after she was found unconscious in her apartment and hospitalized with SWINE FLU
Daily Mail | 28 December 2018

Lab-Grown Seafood and Lab-Grown Meat Aren’t That Different
Slate | October 2018

Truth about Viruses Exposed-live w / Sofia Smallstorm

The Fullerton Informer | 20 December 2018

Are we on the cusp of a breakthrough in Ebola treatment?
The Guardian | 04 December 2018

Trump Administration Rolls Back School Nutrition Standards
Modern Farmer | 21 December 2018

Vesti Special Report! Incredible Year of Harvests in Russia as Country Tops World Grain Markets
The Saker | 17 December 2018

Health-care stocks plunge after federal judge rules Obamacare unconstitutional
CNBC | 17 December 2018

Kroger goes live with self-driving delivery vehicles
Supermarket News | 18 December 2018

Prominent Doctors Aren’t Disclosing Industry Ties in Publications
Truth Out | 17 December 2018

CBS: Whole foods ranked worst on cancer-linked package chemicals, says it will remove them
Health News | 13 December 2018

J&J shares plunge 10% after report that the company knew for decades about asbestos in baby powder
CNBC | 14 December 2018

‘#FakeMoos’: CNN wants Americans to start eating insect burgers to save the planet
Twitchy | 12 December 2018

Luc Montagnier, Nobel Prize Winner, takes homeopathy seriously
Health Nut News | 12 December 2018

Congress just voted to legalize hemp
Vox | 12 December 2018

Harvard’s Foreign Farmland Investment Mess: The university’s holdings in developing markets have proved to be more trouble than they’re worth
Twitter | 12 December 2018
Harvard Land Ownership in Brazil Scrutinized in Title Dispute: Another Harvard farm land investment in Brazil may go awry
Twitter | 11 December 2018
Harvard’s billion-dollar farmland fiasco
Grain | 06 September 2018
2015: Harvard Quietly Buys Up California Water Rights As The State Faces A Megadrought
Twitter | 12 December 2018
2015: Harvard Quietly Buys Up California Water Rights As The State Faces A Megadrought
Vinepair | 23 January 2015
Harvard’s NZ dairy farm nets $4.9m:DF1, the New Zealand dairy farmer owned by Harvard University’s endowment fund, posted a profit of $4.87 million last year, having bought the Big Sky Dairy Farm properties in central Otago from receivers
Twitter | 12 December 2018
Harvard’s NZ dairy farm nets $4.9m: …from Receivers
New Zeland Herald | 09 February 2012
The Harvard Yard Sale: Private Equity, Real Estate and New Zealand Dairy Farms
Twitter | 12 December 2018
Subscription: The Harvard Yard Sale: Private Equity, Real Estate and New Zealand Dairy Farms
WSJ | 06 June 2017

Petition Signing available at end of article:
Instead of a Medal They Gave Him Prison: Injustice Done to David Noakes as UK Government Kills More People
The National Health Federation | 11 December 2018

Dreamland America’ Opiate Epidemic and How We Got Here 5 0

NCRCRD MSUE | 10 December 2018
Ph.D Mark Skidmore interviews Sam Quinones

Diet enacts contentious law allowing private firms to take charge of Japan’s water supplies
Japan Times | 06 December 2018

Successful Crowdfunding for Agricultural Pursuits and Crowdfunding Success Stories
Eco Farming Daily | December 2018

2017: Why Do People Get Thyroid Problems? – Sadhguru

Sadhguru | 23 May 2017

Beyond Meat is going public: 5 things to know about the plant-based meat maker
Market Watch | 28 November 2018

Chemicals on Our Food: When ‘Safe’ May Not Really Be Safe
Organic Consumers | 27 November 2018

Millions of genetically modified mosquitoes released in scheme to get rid of diseases like malaria. It didn’t work
Canada | 26 November 2018

An introduction to Fentanyl: Making a Killing
Global News | 26 November 2018

US Life Expectancy Falls For First Time In Over 20 Years
Yahoo | November 2018

Retired Hospital Worker Gives Explosive ‘Flu Shot Speech’ Before CDC Advisory Committee
Erin Elizabeth at Health Nut News | 29 October 2018

Latest Solari Donation
Funding SUSTENANCE MOVIE: To save our planet, we must know it
Indie Gogo | November 2018
Sustenance participants are worldly-known food activists and experts, authors, environmentalists, farmers, figures such as Lierre Keith, Allan Savory, Joel Salatin, Nora Gedgaudas, and Derrick Jensen.

Sustenance Movie | November 2018

Yasi Gerami | 23 November 2018

Tanzania orders destruction of Monsanto/Gates’ GM trials due to illegal use for pro-GM propaganda
African Center for Biodiversity | 23 November 2018

Stiffed wife and three kids of insurance is what it looks like.
“Blunt force” suicide: Death of HHS official Daniel Best is ruled a suicide
Cleveland | Updated 20 November 2018

Diet, Health and the Wisdom of Crowds – 2018 Version

FatHeadMovie | 20 November 2018
Stiffed wife and three kids of insurance is what it looks like.

Ohio’s Daniel Best, who led HHS prescription drug initiative, has died
Cleveland | 06 November 2018

House Democrat wants to know why a pharma insider is overseeing Trump’s drug pricing reform
Vox | 09 April 2018

An Opioid That’s One Thousand Times More Potent Than Morphine Is Approved at Height of Opioid Addiction Crisis
Mercola | 21 November 2018

France Is The First Country To Ban All Five Bee-Killing Pesticides
Inquisitr | 21 November 2018

Why the Swiss are having a referendum about cow horns this weekend
The Local | 20 November 2018

NHF DEMANDS LABEL TRANSPARENCY Extreme GMO-Marketing Deception Play at Codex
The NHF | 20 November 2018

Hepatitis B Vaccination: IL-4 mediates the delayed neurobehavioral impairments induced by neonatal hepatitis B vaccination that involves the down-regulation of the IL-
4 receptor in the hippocampus

Vaccine Safety Commission | 11 January 2018
BREAKING RESEARCH: Hepatitis B vaccine can lead to brain-damaging effects
Natural Health 365 | 19 November 2018

Surgical Robot “Spirals Out Of Control”, Kills Man As Docs Sipped Lattes
Blacklisted | 17 November 2018

‘It robs your life’: Hospital mistakenly removes woman’s 2 healthy kidneys
RT | 17 November 2018

Is Trump right about ‘excellent’ US wine? WATCH shocking results of RT’s blind taste test in Paris
RT | 16 November 2018

Resilience in Practice: Fibershed local fiber, local dye, local labor

Fibershed California | 13 November 2018

UPDATE Nov 11, 2018: Vaccine Rights Witch Hunt Update and Action Item!
MailChimp | 11 November 2018
Petition and Donation Links Reposted
NC Bar Sues Vaccine Rights Attorney in Classic Witch Hunt
Vaccine Rights | November 2018

New Vaccine Could Cure Celiac Disease
Organic Authority | 09 November 2018

Giza Death Star | 08 November 2018

First Freedoms | 07 November 2018

Linked In | 05 November 2018

Rise in melatonin use to help children sleep leads to safety warning
The Guardian | 02 November 2018

There’s Something Different About The Gut Microbes of Babies Born at Home, Study Finds
Science Alert | 02 November 2018

Circadian Rhythms and Mitochondria: Connecting the Dots
Frontiers In Genetics | 02 November 2018

Aluminum & The Deodorant Myth
The National Health Federation | November 2018

2017: Dr. Suzanne Humphries, M.D. | Full Testimony (West Virginia Senate Education Committee)

Vaxxed TV | 22 March 2017

Mom says CPS is forcing ‘toxic’ chemo on her son
NY Post | 02 November 2018

The world’s largest cannabis dispensary just opened in Vegas—and it has an entertainment complex attached
CNBC | 02 November 2018

More kids are showing up in ERs with mental health crises
NBC News | 02 November 2018

Welcome to the Vaxxed Screening Event from November 1-8, 2018, VAXXED will screen for FREE worldwide, PLUS there will be discounted DVDs
Vaxxed the Movie | November 2018

How Your Mitochondria Influence Your Health 2016
Articles | 24 January 2016

Spinal implant helps three paralysed men walk again
BBC | 31 October 2018

ICE SWIM | Feeling the power from the cold

Jonna Jinton |31 October 2018

Historic breakthrough: WVU Rockefeller Neuroscience team first to use ultrasound to treat Alzheimer’s
WV News | 28 October 2018

While the rest of world is worried about terrorism, the Greek default and unemployment,Swiss parliament to discuss cow horns​
Southern Cross Review | October 2018

Bayer Slumps After Judge Upholds Monsanto Cancer Verdict, Reduces Damages
Reuters | 23 October 2018

Afinia Dental
Afinia Dental | October 2018

“Polio-like” illness continues to spread across the U.S. and is now far more widespread than previously reported
Natural News | 23 October 2018

Medical Marijuana Approved to Treat Severe Autism in Rhode Island
Governing | 19 October 2018

Private Medicaid Plans Receive Billions in Tax Dollars, With Little Oversight
Governing | 19 October 2018

Free Access: The Truth About Cancer Free Video Access Before Oct. 22, 2018
The Truth About Cancer | 19 October 2018

Regulators face food fight over lab-grown meat
Washington Examiner | 19 October 2018
Food Navigator: Cell-based meat firms said to agree on terminology, will form trade association
Food Dive | 12 September 2018


Linked In | 17 October 2018

Hungary raises gold reserves tenfold to protect nation’s wealth & reduce economic risks
RT | 16 October 2018

Cardiac stem cell treatment pioneer fabricated 31 studies, Harvard & Brigham conclude
RT | 16 October 2018

Which Countries Conduct The Most Caesarean Sections?
Statista | 16 October 2018

As Texas faces a sharp increase in special education students, the shortage of teachers could get worse
San Antonio Express | 14 October 2018

The Capture of Health Freedom
Natural Blaze | 14 October 2018

Cannabis could disrupt a $500 billion market, says CEO of top marijuana maker after deal with DEA
CNBC | 12 October 2018

Millennials Kill Again. The Latest Victim? American Cheese
Bloomberg | 10 October 2018

Building a Cob Oven
Sourdough | 10 October 2016

Solari Action Alert
Please support access to homeopathy
Weston Price Foundation | October 2018

Monsanto: judge moves to allow new trial after $289m cancer verdict
The Guardian | 10 October 2018

Whistleblower Dr. Judy Mikovits – 11 Minutes That BLEW ME AWAY

Victurus Libertas VLTV | 08 September 2018

Latest Solari Action Alert
Call the White House: Investigate US Attorneys, evidence cover-up in landmark vax/autism trial
Autism Action Network | 08 October 2018

Anti-Vaccine Japan Has World’s Lowest Child Death Rate & Highest Life Expectancy
Lew Rockwell | 08 October 2018

North American trade deal includes ‘science-based’ gene editing regulations
Genetic Literacy Project | 03 October 2018

NAFTA Reboot Threatens Food Safety, Promotes Fracking and GMOs
Common Dreams | 01 October 2018

Listening to live classical music provides DRAMATIC cognitive benefits for dementia patients
Discoveries | 30 September 2018

Jerry Tennant: Healing is Voltage — The Physics of Emotions | EU2017

ThunderboltsProject | 29 September 2018

Latest Solari Donation
Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. Demands the Office of the Inspector General and Congress Investigate Department of Justice for Fraud and Obstruction of Justice
Childrens Health Defense | 20 September 2018
A crowdfunding campaign has been set up to help CHD pay for legal initiatives.

Marijuana Stocks Just Keep Soaring Higher. But Even the Bulls See a Bubble
Barrons | 18 September 2018

Childrens Health Defense | 13 September 2018

Cows suffer long after their horns are removed, says new research
Le News | 23 August 2018

Scientists from five universities say doing one simple thing every day could add years to your life
Market Watch | 22 July 2018

Switzerland: A farmer fights dehorning
DW | 28 December 2017

Krogers 2017: To end hunger in our communities and eliminate waste in our company by 2025
The Kroger Co | August 2017

Micro- and Nanocontamination in Vaccines: the Gatti Interview
James Lyons Weiler | 03 February 2017

The Call of the Land: Meet The Next Generation of Farmers | Short Film Showcase

National Geographic | 02 January 2016

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