Food for the Soul: Women Artists at the Philadelphia Museum of Art with Nina Heyn and Ricardo Oskam

A Short Preview:

“When I talk about [women artists’] life stories, it is with the aim of giving their paintings a context and facilitating deeper understanding. At the end of the day, however, it is the art itself—and not their gender or biography—that makes me admire some of these artists.”
~ Nina Heyn, Foreword to Women in Art: Artists, Models and Those Who Made It Happen

By Catherine Austin Fitts

Last year, Food for the Soul’s Nina Heyn and Ricardo Oskam shared a popular two-part conversation about Vermeer after they visited the landmark Vermeer exhibition at Amsterdam’s Rijksmuseum. This week, Nina and Ricardo join forces once again to talk about their March excursion to the Philadelphia Museum of Art (PMA), where they went on a “treasure hunt” to find paintings by some of the women artists featured in Nina’s forthcoming book, Women in Art: Artists, Models and Those Who Made It Happen.

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